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7 w/o trying to sleep through the night

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LadyMC1 Fri 01-Jul-16 15:44:50

Help please as to what to do tonight. Here's the background. DS is 7 weeks old and since birth has generally woken every 3 hours overnight, fed and gone reasonably quickly back to sleep (winding proved fruitless and he didn't seem to suffer from wind so after a week or so I didn't bother winding him). Recently he's started going longer through the night - up to 4/5 hours in the first stint. Sunday evening for the first time he went long enough to wake only once during the night.

Monday night onwards has been a different story. He has suffered with wind this week (we were also staying away from home) and screamed most of the night. I've since discovered infacol (hurrah for this stuff) which seems to have solved the wind problem. However, last night after an 11pm feed I couldn't settle him - I tried feeding, winding, rocking, singing, shushing etc. but to no avail. I could get him to sleep briefly but as soon as I tried to our him down, he woke back up, but he didn't have wind last night. My mum soothed him and got him to sleep in her arms with no waking during the period (what a hero - she let me sleep!) from 2am to 6:30am - missing his middle of the night feed. So given that I now know he can go 5+ hours between feeds overnight, how do I have the best chance of this continuing? Particularly given we'll be back home tonight. Do I...

a) get DH to do the same as my mum did - ensure he sleeps as he is being held and try to create the new habit this way (are we creating a dangerous precedent by getting him sleeping in our arms?)
b) do what I would normally do ie once he's asleep put him in his crib (we have a next to me crib by our bed) but take the risk he doesn't sleep as soundly as he's not being held and therefore wakes for his additional feed
c) do b tonight but try a tomorrow if b doesn't work
d) anything else you wise people suggest

I'm inclined to just do what I'd normally do - ie option b - if he's ready to go for longer he will; if he's hungry he'll wake regardless of whether he's being held or not. Of course whatever we do if he's hungry I'll feed! He is BF.

Thanks for your words of wisdom! By the way my mum kept a detailed diary. Turns out I slept through the whole night at 7 and a half weeks!!

ArmfulOfRoses Fri 01-Jul-16 15:52:16

At 7wo one of mine was up and feeding every 2 hours,you really can't train them at this age.

Some nights he might sleep through, some nights he might wake hourly, some nights he might wake through hunger, some nights he might wake through discomfort or pain, some nights he may want to be held, some nights he might want less interaction.

You really do just have to go with the flow, and accept that mostly, you'll be shattered.

milkjetmum Fri 01-Jul-16 15:54:32

I remember dd1 slept 10pm-6am at 8 weeks old and I thought to myself well I've cracked this sleeping thing...

Sadly you may find that sleeping patterns change with little rhyme or reason over the coming weeks months, years so my advice is to just feed on demand, and enjoy good fortune when it comes while accepting that every night is a new mystery smile

Loraline Fri 01-Jul-16 15:56:41

Yep. Everything ArmfulOfRoses said. Have you tried swaddling though? My 11 week old definitely sleeps longer when swaddled.

1AngelicFruitCake Fri 01-Jul-16 15:58:20

I'd echo the advice above. My 4 month old was only waking once between 2 and 4 months (amazing and my other child never did this!) The last week she is waking up to 6 times a night. Unfortunately things change when they're this young.

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