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Is there a child's book that explains sleep demonstrates going back to sleep?

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needtomovesomewherewarmer Thu 30-Jun-16 05:58:24

My ds has always been an early waker at 2yo he used to wake up between 4 and 5am for the day. He's improved as he's gotten older (4.5yo) but he is still always awake before 6 and over the past few months we've seen a shift back to 5am wakes. And he never goes back to sleep. His bed time is 7. But commitments (nursery, swimming lessons etc) often make this almost impossible and it can shift to 7.30 or 8. On the flip side this then means on other days we are rushing him to bed early at 6 to try to help him catch up. He needs this . He doesn't nap. later bedtimes don't affect wake time so he's just doubly tired.

Anyway we've tried all sorts. I'm worried about him starting school. What he needs is to go back to sleep in the morning. Atm he doesn't and I'm not sure he tries.

I thought a nice storybook might help. something that demonstrates the importance of getting enough sleep and how sleep gives us energy etc. We talk about it not I'm not sure he really understands.

We've used books for other topics like hitting, New baby etc and they've worked well.

Has anyone come across one

insancerre Thu 30-Jun-16 06:21:52
This might work

jessplussomeonenew Thu 30-Jun-16 06:22:20

Recently heard about a book called "Sleep is for everyone" - haven't tried it as DS is still a bit young but sounds like the sort of thing that you're looking for.

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