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Constant waking as if in pain

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Mawsymoo Wed 29-Jun-16 02:13:23

DS2 is 6 months old. Sleep has been dodgy since 4 months but managed by me taking him into bed and he has slept happily then. I have no problem with this - whatever it takes to get some sleep! He has self-settled in his own cot at bedtime for the past few months. We moved him into his own room a week ago. The first night was fine - I took him into bed at 4am so a normal enough night. He seems to be teething and has a mild cold and every night since then has been a nightmare and I'm not sure what to blame! He wakes within 20-30 mins of settling - crying as if in pain - and this continues all night with wakes every 30 mins or less. I'm going to bed with him around 9pm as I can't get anything done in the evening anyway but he still wakes beside me. I've given him calpol and nurofen so he shouldn't be in pain. He's shattered in the day and not even napping well. I'm a zombie.

I can take a night or two like this during illnesses but this is dragging on and there doesn't seem to be a lot wrong with him. I'm worried he's stuck in some sort of habit now. Had anyone been through anything similar? We had a bad time with DS1 when we first moved him to his own room but that was separation related and he would be happy again once I took him into bed.

So you have full information - he is diagnosed as having CMPA and is being weaned off omeprazole at the moment (he had silent reflux as a result of the allergy) but is not showing any signs of any digestive issues either during the day or at night.

Ladylolly Thu 30-Jun-16 08:14:37

This sounds just like my LO 6 months also. Can't really offer any advice only sympathise and tell you what I've tried.
He has got into the habit of waking 15-20 after being put down in his sidecar cot then again 15-20 mins after only to be up for an hour and then can be up every hour to every 2.5 hrs through the night.

Things I've tried:
Later bedtime and there was no change.
He loves his bath and gets super hyper so stopped it before bed. There was no change.
Lying with him. No change.

My DS also has reflux but I really don't think it's anything to do with that as previously he will atleast settle for 45mins to and hour sometimes 2 before his first waking.

Mawsymoo Fri 01-Jul-16 22:23:08

Thanks. We're still in the thick of it now. His cold has eased but he's still waking a lot in the early part of the night. There's definitely a tough of separation anxiety there as once I go to bed I just bring him in and I might get a stretch then til 3 or 4am. I'd love to get my evenings back but I just can't figure out what's going on with him.

Mawsymoo Fri 01-Jul-16 22:23:41

a touch of separation anxiety!

Fomalhaut Fri 01-Jul-16 23:44:29

Ours did this - I think it was a mix of separation anxiety and teething. He drooled like a tap for weeks then suddenly sprouted seven teeth in a few weeks.
On top of that he had a bug and the anxiety- I think all you can do is make him feel safe

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