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One year old waking up from naps yawning and crying

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deathb4decaf Tue 28-Jun-16 15:45:18


Looking for advice/ideas please!

I think my one year old dd's naps are too short. She has always been a cat napper, but I thought by now she might start to have a bit longer, especially since starting to walk at 11 months. She is clearly tired still when she wakes up (yawning, crying, eye rubbing).

I feed her to sleep on her floor bed then leave her alone and she tends to have 30 mins at the most, sometimes as little as 15min.

She is also able to fall asleep in the pram but the same thing happens, she wakes up after 30 min.
Is it time to go down to one nap?

On the rare occasions she's had longer asleep she's like a different baby. Refreshed, happy.


SittingDuck2 Thu 07-Jul-16 13:22:14

I had/have a similar problem with my DD (now 13 months) and only recently dropped down to 2 naps but this was because she was consistently refusing the 3rd nap not because her naps were too short. Also i know there's no way she could last until lunchtime without a nap. Your situation might be different but i would think that if she's taking her naps then try to focus on extending them not reducing them. I have started to have some success with this by going into her room just before 30 mins is up and resettling her as she starts to stir but isn't yet awake. Normal methods of patting, sshingg etc and picking up to rock if necessary. Doesn't always work and only a recent thing as never used to so don't stress if it doesn't work each time or at first. Just keep trying.

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