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baby with dummy....

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Givemecoffeeplease Mon 27-Jun-16 16:41:59

My 8 month DS2 has had a dummy since about 4 weeks and it's been a godsend. But I'm now trying to encourage him to self settle (not controlled crying but leaving him to snuffle about a bit and then hopefully go to sleep). Up til now I've been stroking him to sleep at 7pm and for night wakings but I need to stop the night wakings as am back to work and can't cope with no sleep!

My problem is if his dummy comes out I need to put it back in for him. Do I drop the dummy and accept that means a week of hell for all of us, or do I just accept he will continue to wake in the night, need it to go back in, and then maybe need a bit of a rub? Basically is dropping the dummy the key to a good nights sleep even if the short term is awful?!


SnowWhite26 Thu 30-Jun-16 22:46:43

I had exactly this . I bought a thing called a sleeptot. It is a cuddly rabbit you attach the dummy to. It is amazing. They can find it themselves and its a cuddly toy all in one. So much better at sleeping now. I wondered about dropping the dummy but its her comfort. I put her down awake after bed time routine and she might cgat for a bit then sticks dummy in and falls asleep smile It obviously falls in and out throughout the night but she very rarely crys for us. Sleepytot honestly the way forward smile xx

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