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Waterproof sheets, or waterproof pads for a cot/crib?

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Vebrithien Thu 23-Jun-16 15:36:49

What would you recommend? Have got a snuzpod, and am wondering if I should get fitted washable waterproof sheets, to go under the normal fitted sheet, or the disposable waterproof pads to slip under the normal fitted sheet?

Still got a few weeks to decide, or should I get a couple of each, and see what works out best?


ToffeeForEveryone Thu 23-Jun-16 17:55:36

Wouldn't think you would need either really for a crib. We have a snuzpod too and I got the mattress protector for it, £18 or something ridiculous - wish I hadn't bothered, a folded up muslin underneath a normal fitted sheet does just as well!

DS's nappy has leaked a couple of times in 4 months, and he's quite dribbly / sicky, but never enough to soak to the mattress. Maybe wait until your baby is here, you can always get these things quickly online if you think you need them.

StepfauxWife Sat 25-Jun-16 15:37:06

I just have a mattress protector which works fine for us. If you're really worried. Why not get those disposable pampers dry mats? We use them on our toddler in case of accidents. They're soft and absorbent.

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