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Big bed!

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tryhard Tue 21-Jun-16 21:24:25

Please help! DD2 is 2.5, she's been waking at 4:30 & not going back down, normally in a Grobag & cot. She's been really unsettled & clingy with me during the day. She's literally too long now for the travel cot & we go away on holiday in a few months so we thought now is the time to get her in a big bed so have taken the sides of her cot down. First night tonight & was initially excited but when she realised this is actually where we expect her to sleep she screamed & howled & refused to go into her room, let alone the bed. I'm finding it really upsetting as she seems totally confused. And I'm confused cos her big sister moved from cot to single bed at 2 without a problem. What would I do?

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