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9mo nap help please

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rrra Wed 15-Jun-16 15:17:06

Argh! This is so frustrating. I had got into a straightforward enough system of getting DS, 9MO, to nap. After I stopped BFing about 2 months ago, I found I could rock him to sleep instead. This usually took about 5 mins, maybe 10. At night he either fed to sleep or I rocked a bit afterwards.

In the last week he has really resisted being rocked. He just cries and wriggles away from me, but also cries when I put him in his cot. He will still fall asleep in the car if we are out, or in the pushchair. But we are home now and I've had to give him a small amount of milk at a time when he doesn't usually have it, just to get him to go down for a nap. He is on the very cusp of starting to crawl, he managed to coordinate his legs a couple of times today before flopping on his belly.

In the last two nights he has, for the first time ever, gone through the night without me having to go in. He has woken, but has gone back to sleep himself. So seems like things are on the change. I'm not expecting this to continue, but he has now, for about 6 weeks, been down to one waking with a feed. But again, if he doesn't feed back to sleep I can't rock him at night either. Was up for 1.5 hours trying to get him back down the other night.

I'm a bit scared of introducing milk just to get him to sleep in the day, but not sure what else I can try? Am I looking at sleeping training now?

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