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Transition from cot to bed

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Macdaddylonglegs Wed 15-Jun-16 10:59:02

We're planning to move our 2.7 year old from a cotbed to a toddler bed in next few weeks. She currently sleeps in a growbag and sleeps really well with generally no night time wake ups. Any tips for making the transition easier? When we put her down at night currently we put her into her cot awake and she usually plays with her soft toys for a while before going to sleep. Concerned that with the new freedom of being able to get out of bed she'll never go to sleep! Also how do you make sure their room is safe if they're up in the night messing around. All her furniture is fixed to the wall but we have a lamp in there which we have on while reading bedtime stories etc. Will we need to take that out and block up the plug sockets? Overhead light seems too bright for bedtime routine?! Any hints, tips and personal experiences would be appreciated!

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