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3 mo not going to sleep until 10/11pm

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FirstTimeMummy25 Wed 15-Jun-16 03:34:53

Just after some advise really... My 15 week DS isn't napping very well during the day and in the evening won't even contemplate falling asleep until 10/11pm and even then has to be rocked of breastfed to sleep! So as it standing during the day he may nap around 10:30/11am ish for an hour or 2 but then he won't nap again, I try to come up stairs with him in a darkened room around 3 to get him to nap sometime I might be lucky after a couple or hours and he might nap for a bit but normally not.
So last night I tried bath at 6:30, fed straight after then as was sleepy but in next to me at 19:45 out the monitor on and went down stairs, I kept an eye on the monitor he was wide awake and within a few mins was screaming, I went up put dummy in and left room again and with king minutes was screaming again. After about 30 mins of trying this we went and got him, he was then awake until 10:30pm and DH had to rock him to sleep. He's tired as he sits there moaning and yawning but it's like he's fighting it. Is there anything I can do to help this as our trial routine was an epic fail or am I just being over anal and is it too early to even be trying this? Just thought 10/11pm was far too late and we could do with a bit of an evening back (however I appreciate when we decided to have a baby we signed up to loosing out evenings)...
Sorry for long post...

Move2WY Wed 15-Jun-16 03:47:49

I think a routine is good but way too early to expect him to gonalong with it!

UntidyAn0n Wed 15-Jun-16 05:18:45

Hi. For his naps can you put him in his buggy and walk till he falls asleep, then come home and leave him in it sleeping.

I think being up at 10pm still is fairly normal at this age.. Or was for my two anyway

Maybebabybee Wed 15-Jun-16 05:44:05

White noise? Swaddling? Both work very well for my 12 week old DS. He just won't nap if it's light or noisy which I know is a bad thing really but there is not much I can do about it as I need to prioritise his sleep.

I do actually think 10pm is too late for bedtime especially when they're not getting enough day sleep. At 15 weeks their Max awake time should probably be no more than 2.5 hours at a time.

My DS totally refused bed last night til 10.30 (utter screaming meltdown) which is really out of character for him but I'm sure it was because his daytime naps were rubbish and short yesterday.

I would work on his day sleep as a starting point and I think you will find bedtime will slowly get earlier. When my DS won't nap (often in the afternoon), I take him for a walk in the pram as that usually sends him off.

FirstTimeMummy25 Wed 15-Jun-16 07:13:37

Move - do you think so? I had my suspicions so would you just continue with it even tho he's not having any of it?
Untidy and maybee- I think your both right. I'll give that a go today and take him out for a walk and see if that's successful...*
Maybee-* he used to like being swaddled but as he's got older he doesn't like it now as has a habit of trashing his arms and legs about. White noise I use that, we have Ewan the dream sheep and a white noise app...

They do tend to say a well slept baby sleeps better don't they! Fingers crossed I crack it soon...

FirstTimeMummy25 Wed 15-Jun-16 07:25:13

Maybee- forgot to mention, you say 2,5 hours awake time at one time so meaning after every 2.5 hours awake I should try put him down for a nap?

Maybebabybee Wed 15-Jun-16 07:33:41

I hesitate to say "should" to be honest as I do think every baby is different and you should be led by them but yes, that's what I would do. Does he show tired cues? I find I need to watch my DS like a hawk and the minute I get yawning or eye rubbing I put him down for a sleep. He's 12 weeks and can usually only go about 1.5 hours without a nap, sometimes two. Any more than that and he gets very grumpy.

eurochick Wed 15-Jun-16 07:34:16

We were completely baby led at that stage and didn't even attempt to impose a routine. She used to come to bed with us around 10 which worked well as we didn't want to put her to sleep in another room (SIDS guidelines) or have to move her when she was already asleep.

Maybebabybee Wed 15-Jun-16 07:34:31

PS I find for my LO the white noise has to be quite loud to get him to sleep - Ewan sadly doesn't cut it!

Loulou2kent Wed 15-Jun-16 08:57:50

My 8 month old DS used to be up till 10.30ish until he was about 4 months old, but I do recall saying to my DP that when I was pregnant with him he was always awake & kicking like crazy from 9pm. Don't know if there's something in that! By 4 months he actually went into his own room. Turns out he hates sleeping with us! He loves it dark & quiet. I do agree that the more sleep they have in the day the better they seem to sleep at night. He would only manage 2-2.5hrs Max before he needed another nap. Since he's been eating we do have more of a routine... I think that helps but it's still early days for you.

All babies are different, my first was a nightmare at sleeping & eating. So I think whatever works for you at the time is fine. Maybe once baby is weaned you'll have more of a guide for sleep & nap times etc.

All babies seem to get there in the end smile enjoy your bubba X

FirstTimeMummy25 Wed 15-Jun-16 22:15:26

Thank you all for your suggestions, I tried the walk it didn't work lol, he was then grumpy and was crying for a while I managed to rock him to sleep but this only lasted 20 mins, however I then fed him and brought him back upstairs and he napped for 2.5 hours!! He then fell asleep on me at 9 so brought him up to bed- so some improvement im happy with that!!smile

Gillian1980 Wed 15-Jun-16 23:16:06

We did a baby led routine and at 12 weeks she absolutely would not settle for the night before 1am.

But all of a sudden she moved it forward to 11pm. Then about a week later to 9pm. Then 8, then 7.

We just followed her cues and she developed the routine herself. Prior to this she was waking every 1.5-2 hours for feeds but this all coincided with longer stretches and by the time she was settling at 7, she was sleeping right through for 12 hours.

Absy Thu 16-Jun-16 17:42:17

My DS is around a similar age. I've been trying to move his bed time forward as he was going to sleep at 11/12 every night. I noticed that he was effectively only getting up around 11 (as in, after a feed he stays awake and plays). He now kind of starts sleeping at 9:30 for an hour, feeds and then goes back to sleep.

I've read that around this age they normally stay awake for only 1.5 to 2 hours. Have you noticed any "sleepy" cues like rubbing his eyes or arching his back? I previously just kind of let DS be (so used to newborn sleepiness) so he'd be awake for too long and get overtired but now I know what to look for, I've seen he starts burying his head into my chest or arching his back, and that's the time to start getting him to sleep. 90% of the time he's awake for 2 hours at a go

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