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Insert for travel cot/daytime sleeping

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Conline Tue 14-Jun-16 20:28:46

Hi so little boy is 4 month. Only really sleeps in my arms...still. His first nap on a morning I can Sometimes get 15 mins out of him in the Moses basket.He's outgrown that. And the carrycot part of his pushchair. We have a travel cot was thinking to use that for during day. Well "try it" I'd love to be able to put him down for at least one nap a day! Seen a friends bassinet insert for her travel cot. But they only go up to 14pound in weight. I find travel cot really low and deep and I just know soon as I lean over my baby will wake up! Does anyone know of any other type of insert to put in the travel cot so it's not as low down and easier to place baby in if you see what I mean. I need somewhere for him to sleep during day. Any ideas be great thanks

FATEdestiny Tue 14-Jun-16 21:43:37

I know several first time mums who had plans to use a travel cot. Then you actually have the child and realise how unlikely that is going to be. The bassinet insert are not much use for exactly the reason you say - baby outgrows them so quickly. Just as they outgrow moses baskets and cribs quickly. Mine have always gone straight into a full sized cot from birth.

For daytime naps, how about a bouncy chair? They hold baby is a slightly raised position and the fact that you can bounce baby to sleep helps.

Do you have a cot in your room for night time? No reason you cant try using that for daytime naps. I liked to side-car my cot by removing one side and butting it up to my bed with matching mattress heights. Then I'd lie down with baby in cot and me on the bed.

Conline Tue 14-Jun-16 22:17:53

I have a side sleeping crib for night although our matress isn't flush! But atleast he's still close to me. Id rather him be down stairs with me during the day but I'll try; see how he goes. Suppose could try the bouncer too. I tried him in the pushchair bit of his pram but he's still too little to sit up in it but was thinking if I lay it back?

Conline Wed 15-Jun-16 07:22:39

Oh and i do have a cot but he's yet to sleep in it.thats in his own room.

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