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Help my baby nap!

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KaransMom Tue 14-Jun-16 04:14:35

Baby is 3 months old and his daytime naps have gone to pot. He used to nap well aboit 8.30 to 10am then a good lunch one and a good afternoon one. Now he catnapa for about 45 mins at between 8 and 9am then catnaps at 11/midday ish then catnaps about 1.30/2 then again maybe 4.30/5 and bed at 8. Hes not hitting the sleep expected at his age and hes definitely cranky and overtired but generally happy baby. He seems to be following Tracy Hogg EASY method and eats 7, 10,1, 4 and 7pm but no way naps and hour and a half like ahe suggests. How do i get him sleeping like that again? Should i put him on Gina Ford?
He also does not self soothe and settle himself most of the time. He can fall asleep in his bouncer or if hes playing on my bed in the morning but should i be putting him in his cot to establish better nap time and routine?

Tumtitum Tue 14-Jun-16 22:17:23

My 4 month old went the same at 3 months. I started a routine of putting her in her cot and it's taking a while but slowly seems to be helping... Either that or it was a phase and she's growing out of!!

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