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How to make a crib acceptable...

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0Nix0 Mon 13-Jun-16 12:14:16

Hi all,
This is probably an over anxious new parent question!
My LO is 4weeks old yesterday and is rather lanky (0-3month clothes are distinctly on the short side and at current growing rate I'm not holding out much hope they will fit this time next week...).

Our friends gave us a Moses basket which he will happily sleep in but his head is already only a couple of inches from the end so I'm not certain how much longer we can use it for...

Before we were given the basket I had bought a gliding crib. Apparently the crib is totally unacceptable and a tourcher chamber and provokes a screaming fit if you try and put him in it and he will not settle (he will wake in less than 5min from whatever level of awake-fast asleep).

Things I have tried so far:
1) putting it in different places in case there was a draft or similar.
2) While watching I tried putting the Moses basket mattress in it so it felt and smelt more similar
3) while watching tried putting a bumper I was given around it so it felt more enclosed.

Everything has proved unsuccessful.

It's not an immediate crisis but I would feel lots more confident if I knew he would sleep there and if it's a slow process then would like to give myself time.

Any advice or hints would be very appreciated.

Nix x

Stellars Mon 13-Jun-16 13:26:33

A sleepyhead was the thing for us. DS currently snoozing in the Grand.

Zaurak Mon 13-Jun-16 13:55:47

Ah. Yes we had this. The crib was apparently not a pleasant glider crib from John Lewis, it was actually a snake pit....

We eased him in gradually. Pimped out the cot a bit with a mobile over it and an activity centre thing on it (yes yes, not safe, I know....)

Then we went through the following stages.

Standing in the cot being held, looking at the mobile
Sitting in the cot
Being put in it for a minute or two while in a good mood and being distracted
Eventually, he went in the crib. Brilliant thing, you can just poke a foot out of bed and rock it.

At six months he flat out refused to go in his big proper cot and is now a co sleeping, constantly feeding, waking every twenty minutes nightmare. But for a brief period around ten-fifteen weeks we did achieve actual, in-crib sleep... confused

Dixiechick17 Thu 16-Jun-16 22:23:20

We had a Sleepyhead in our crib, also helped with the transition to the cot.

0Nix0 Fri 17-Jun-16 01:30:29

Thank you for suggestions! An approach the health visitor suggested is using a grobag to make him feel wrapped up and safe so I'm giving that a go.
Sleepy head might be a next stage!
It's also really reassuring to know that I'm nit the only one who went through this.

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