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I've created a sleep monster

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JessicaMayB Sun 12-Jun-16 09:03:56

My 2 year old has got into the habit of waking every night in the early hours for about 4 hours. Nothing will get him back to sleep.
It's driving me insane especially when he's finally dozed off at 5am and my alarm for work goes off at 6am.
Not sure how much longer I can cope.
Partly feel it's my fault - he has never been left to fall asleep on his own. First he was fed to sleep, then when we moved on from BF he was rocked to sleep. But the fucking rocky roo (as its been delightfully nicknamed) doesn't work any more.
If he comes in my room he just fidgets and twitches about for hours on end. i don't know how he does it.
He's just woke me now at 8am after going back to sleep at 5.30. I've put peppa pig on the ipad in his cot 😳 I'm knackered.
How do i cut the apron strings?

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