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9 month sleep regression

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Gillian1980 Fri 10-Jun-16 21:41:43


So at 9 months my DD started a sleep regression - she is now 10 months.

Prior to this she had been sleeping through since 3 months - easy to put to bed and slept through for 12-13 hours straight unless poorly. Naps have never been brilliant but we never worried as she was sleeping so well at night and was cheerful.

Now she is very, very hard to put to bed - lots of rocking, shushing, cuddles etc. She was fall asleep but usually wakes on transition to the cot, or if transition is successful then she'll wake as I try to sneak out! Can take the entire evening to get her settled. She's also waking in the night and is hard to resettle.

I know this is fairly normal at her age and I'm not in a massive stress (I like the cuddles!) but just wondering who else went through the 8-10 month sleep regression and how long it last for (assuming it ended!)? Did you do anything different to help your baby get through it?

I'm hoping things settle down a bit before I go back to work next month, as I'll need the sleep more than I do at the moment... But I guess it lasts as long as it lasts 😊

BellaBellaBelle Sat 11-Jun-16 09:03:58

Unlike your dd my dd has never slept through, but I remember 8/9 months being particularly bad. I cope with sleep deprivation pretty well but I was literally on my knees and in tears most nights!

For us, her sleep started to improve at about 11 months but it's worth noting that she is and always has been a terrible sleeper. At 17 months we're now down to 2 wake ups unless she's ill or teething....

Good luck op. If she has slept well up to now I'm sure this will be a short blip. smile

Gillian1980 Sat 11-Jun-16 21:36:52

Thanks Bella. I know we've been really lucky up until now so I can't complain, but good to think it won't last forever.
I'm on a fair whack of medication and don't cope well at all without sleep, I'm a total mess. Luckily my DH is really supportive and a good dad.

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