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How to stop rocking

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SpudTato Fri 10-Jun-16 18:20:10

Little Tato is 4.5 months. I posted on AIBU last week about trying pick up/put down, which has given a step forward in one way-no longer needs to nap exclusively on me! However he is increasingly reliant on being rocked to sleep.
I'm anxious to nip this in the bud as its for every sleep, and he's waking hourly at naps presumably when his sleep cycle is over, he wakes just enough to notice he's not being rocked! Overnight it's every 1-3 hours, between 2-4 feeds then rocked or just rocked. My plan at the moment is to sit next to him with a hand on the tummy and pick up if truly upset. I don't expect a sleep through, it's hot and he seems genuinely hungry/thirsty overnight (EBF) but longer stretches without intervention would be nice! Has anyone done this? Any tips?

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