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Early waking baby

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nightandthelight Thu 09-Jun-16 06:26:27

I seem to be frequenting this board too much at the mo! On the plus side we seem to be through the 4mo regression and the crying when going to sleep is improving smile

The issue I have now is that DS is convinced that pre 6am is time to get up for the day. So today it was 5am, yesterday 5:55am and the day before 5:20am. This is very normal. On a rare occasion he will wake between 6-7 which I am happy with as am a morning person myself.

I guess I just want to know if this is normal and he will just outgrow it (like I say I only need him to make it to about 6-6:30) or whether I should be doing something?

PebbleTTC Thu 09-Jun-16 06:28:14

What time does he to go sleep at night? Are you consistent with bedtime or does it change?

nightandthelight Thu 09-Jun-16 06:56:29

Hi pebble. We have had a good bedtime routine in place since about 10 weeks. So at 6 he has some nappy free time while I run his bath. He then has a bath and is put in his pjs while I sing a couple of lullabies. He then feeds and is placed in crib where he settles fairly easily. The aim is to have him asleep by 7 which is almost always achieved. Is that bedtime too early? It fits well with his naps as he tends to wake up from his last one between 4-5 so is tired by bedtime (but not overtired).

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 09-Jun-16 07:00:39

Completely normal. That's a really long night! Anything after 5.30am is a bonus tbh.

nightandthelight Thu 09-Jun-16 07:03:32

OK thanks Dame, I hasten to add that he does wake for a feed in the night before anyone thinks I am complaining about a baby who sleeps through grin

I guess I just have to wait it out till he's old enough for a gro clock!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 09-Jun-16 09:38:14

It's worth making bedtime an hour later just to see but it didn't make any difference to my ds!

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 09-Jun-16 09:43:16

Later bed time never made a difference to my DD, she just suddenly snapped out of waking really early and it's a consistent 6:30am now.
Should add though, the heat where we live has been a killer the last few nights, and she's been really unsettles with 5:30am wake ups the last two days - could it be the heat that he's struggling with??

PebbleTTC Thu 09-Jun-16 19:29:17

Does he wake crying or does he seem happy to lie there? I remember my little man used to wake early but would just lie there talking to himself so I would leave him alone and would only pick up after 6 am eventually he started staying asleep until 6 and now sleeps until 6.30. But my fella never wakes crying he is happy to babble and laugh away to himself. What kind of sleep is he getting during the day?

jelliebelly Thu 09-Jun-16 20:16:36

Quite normal - my dd is 7 and sleeps 730pm till 6am most days - earlier sometimes but not as often these days. We've become an early morning family!

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