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Early rising - 13 month old - transition to 1 nap

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kerrieac1 Wed 08-Jun-16 14:20:12

Hello all mums!
So, I wanted to share what happened with us. Our now, 13 month old has always been a bit of an early riser - on and off for months. He's a big daytime sleeper - always needed his sleep and sleeps through the night from 7pm to around 5.30am. At 5 months old, he went through a stage of early waking (thankfully, just a few weeks), but from around 10 months, on and off it's more often. I read soooo many posts, books, asked advice and tried so many things - blacking out curtains and blinds, feeding him more (he has 3 meals and I tried also snack before bed), making sure he drinks all of his milk, good restorative naps in the day (not more than 2.5/3 hrs, but tried also less), swapping naps times - so long one in am, short in pm and vice versa. Oh we tried everything! One thing we did not want to do is move bedtime from 7pm as we've got a pretty good and consistent routine. We used to go to him at 5am and feed in the hope he'd go back to sleep but oh no, he was wide-awake!! Anyway, he's with a child minder tues, weds and thurs, and finally I think we've tackled it:

For the past 10 days, we've moved his two naps to 1 nap (1pm-3.30pm)and now he's waking at 6.30am. Happy and refreshed still, sometimes 6.15am, but will play in cot for 6. I was reluctant to do this as he's a big sleeper and needs his daytime sleep, though somehow we've managed to keep him distracted. His lunch is at 12pm, then milk, then bed at 1pm. On occasions, at 11'ish when I am off with him, he flakes and it's harder for me to keep him distracted, I've let him have a 5/10 min power nap in the buggy/car, but then woke him up. He's been great about this and this sees him through to 1pm. Anyway, different things work for different babies, but we tried everything and i wanted to share what seemed to work for us. Some might say he wasn't quite ready for the transition, though he seems to have adapted well so far so we'll just have to see. The main thing is he's rested, happy and we get some more time in bed!
hope this might help some of you who are struggling with the same sort of thing! 5am wake ups are a killer and hope this helps smile xx

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