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Wind/gas keeps waking 7 month old

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Tweetz Wed 17-Jan-07 22:45:19

My 7 month ds wakes up many times in the night and usually cries until he has passed wind-or until i feed him (hes never slept through) poor thing looks like hes in terrible pain! It usually happens when he hasnt burped after his night feed, i really try hard to burp him then and when i feed him around 4am. Oh and he only poos twice a week (this may have something to do with it)...docter has given him a laxative syrup...Has anyone else experienced this?

caygill132 Thu 18-Jan-07 09:27:17

My dd is just started doing this..not the poo thing but the waking and pumping/burping thing. I have started her on solids & don't know if that is the reason, but she also doesn't burp after her night feed, I think it's because she is fast asleep, ususally I just sit her up straight & she burps. Tried gripe water last night & it did bring the wind up but she still woke 3 times, so may also be teething pain..if only they could talk!

Tweetz Thu 18-Jan-07 09:48:13

Yep its really hard to get them to burp whilst sleeping, it could be the weaning, but he doesnt eat any vegetables (fussy eater!) so not sure whats causing so much wind-its getting better though, only cos im being militant about burping him and waking him to make sure he does!

caygill132 Thu 18-Jan-07 10:46:03

Does he have fruit then? My dd has veg at lunchtime & never has any probs with her tummy during lunch sleep. She has pear or apple at 5pm and bf at 6.30pm, I am starting to wonder if it is the fruit that is giving her tummy pains. Might only give baby rice tonight & see if it makes a diff. Also think I might spend a good 5 mins getting the wind up, waking her if I have to. Your right, best to get tough!

Tweetz Thu 18-Jan-07 20:30:36

Well last night i was so persistant on getting him to burp that he woke up and didnt go to sleep for another hour-so that didnt work out too well! Try burping halfway or two-thirds way through the feed as baby will still be awake but then will have enough milk to go back to sleep-hopefully that last bit wont cause too much grief....Oh yep my ds has fruit, but I'm giving him all sorts after reading about all this BLW milaakee! He munched on weetabix and some roast chicken today so lets see how it goes....

caygill132 Fri 19-Jan-07 09:48:50

Last night I decided to only give baby rice & she went down no problem at 6.50pm but woke at 8.40..fed and back to sleep by 9pm, then woke at 11.50..fed, cuddled, changed nappy, eventually went back to sleep at 1.40am and slept until I woke her at 7am. I am thinking she is definately teething her cheeks are bright red & she isn't as interested in feeding unless I put some gel on. Am trying the Teetha powders today going to give them every 2 hrs as it says and see if that helps. My wisdom tooth is giving me problems also so I am taking some least then I can see if it works! Well gave her some fruit this morning for breaky & will give veg at lunch & might give little baby rice at tea and just see what happens.

Tweetz Fri 19-Jan-07 10:33:07

You never know its teeth or wind! Well last night he woke up at 2am which is earlier than usual, and i tried to settle him with no luck but he was crying-arching is back-looking like he was pain. Managed to calm him down at which point he was wide awake, so ended up feeding him to get him back to sleep but it didnt work cos he was still awake...he didnt sleep til 3.45!! Could have been the roast chicken as i did wind him before putting him to bed. Shouted at my husband for snoring as it kept waking baby up! now hes not talking to me!! aghhhhhh.....

LEt me know if the teething stuff works...good luck!

caygill132 Fri 19-Jan-07 12:36:01

Well so far so good today, she has gone down really well for her morning & lunch nap, no cuddling or feeding, just a stroke of her tummy and a little song. Fingers crossed for tonight..hopefully it will get better, that's what people tell me!

amanda966 Sun 14-Feb-16 21:25:47

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