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Please tell me what to do!!

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pouncehill Sun 05-Jun-16 07:59:30

DS will be 1 in just over a week. We have a really good bedtime routine and he's in bed by half six every evening (seven at the latest).
We've tried to keep him going for longer in the evening but he's just so tired we can't.

During the day he's very active. Always crawling about. He gets plenty of fresh air and play time.

So for the night time. He will wake up before midnight (usually around 10/11) and scream until he's given a bottle and cuddled. He then goes back into his cot.
Around 1/2 he will wake up again and cry for another bottle. I try not to give him one but sometimes he gets himself into such a tizz I give him a few ounces to settle him.
Then he will wake up again about 4 and want to be cuddled and if he could he would have another bottle, I persist here though and just cuddle him back to sleep. He then wakes up at six.

He's currently in a cot in our room as were at my mums house until we move.
He has a nap at around 11 in the morning for about an hour. Usually this is the only nap he has. Occasionally he'll have a half hour nap in the afternoon but even with one he will still want to go to bed at sixish.
When he does nap during the day he wont be put down in his cot. He wakes up as soon as he's put down and then he won't go back to sleep.

He eats lots during the day so I don't think he's hungry at night, he just wants comforting.

So what can I do to stop this? I'm aware it'll take a while and I probably will be completely shattered for a few days

fluffikins Sun 05-Jun-16 16:28:05

Sounds normal to me, my dd has just turned 1 and she goes to bed at 7, wakes around 11, 1'and 3:30 and up at 6. I be so she gets boob every time she wakes as its v quick to get her drowsy again. She's in the process of dropping naps though, some days she does 2, somedays 1. Maybe try and move the nap so he stretches it out a bit?

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