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Baby won't sleep in travel cot

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PebbleTTC Sat 04-Jun-16 22:36:02

Hi all, my baby is 10 months old, my mother minds him 3 days a week and childminder minds him 2. They both use travel cot for his naps and he just refuses to go to sleep in one. He has no problem sleeping in cot but cries and cries if put in a travel cot and basically ends up not having any naps. I have given nightdresses that smell like me etc so really think the travel cot is the problem.
Has anyone any solutions?

dementedpixie Sat 04-Jun-16 22:37:07

Would he sleep in a buggy/pram instead?

NeedACleverNN Sat 04-Jun-16 22:38:35

When we had to use a travel cot temporarily we put a cot mattress in the bottom of it.
It's not exactly comfortable is it?

SpeakNoWords Sat 04-Jun-16 22:39:48

Could it be uncomfortable for him? We used an additional mattress in the travel cot as the one that came with it was very thin and hard.

FATEdestiny Sat 04-Jun-16 22:39:50

They are not very comfy. Thin and hard mattress. Can you get a proper mattress to fit?

Otherwise move naps to the pushchair.

PebbleTTC Sat 04-Jun-16 22:40:30

Sometimes he might fall asleep if my mam takes him down town etc but that doesn't happen every day. We will also be going on holidays in September and visiting family in August so really need him to be able to sleep in travel cot

PebbleTTC Sat 04-Jun-16 22:41:51

Oh that's probably it, they are very hard. Can you buy cot mattress that fits travel cot or what do people do?

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Sat 04-Jun-16 22:42:17

Is there a separate (soft) travel cot mattress? We bought a separate one as the one that came with the travel cot was rock hard. I wouldn't even call it a mattress.

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Sat 04-Jun-16 22:43:28

X post.

We got ours from Kiddicare but the only sheet that would work with it was a flat sheet wrapped round rather than a fitted one.

SpeakNoWords Sat 04-Jun-16 22:46:15

Yes you can buy a thicker more comfy mattress for a travel cot, which is what we did. We did find fitted sheets for it as well, but flat would equally do.

PebbleTTC Sat 04-Jun-16 22:48:13

It seems so obvious now that the hard mattress would be the problem, feel like a right thicko

Cornishclio Sat 04-Jun-16 23:15:59

We use the additional thicker mattress too with our GD in the travel cot we use. The original mattress sold with it is very thin.

NeedACleverNN Sun 05-Jun-16 09:47:10

We didn't buy a seperate one just sort of wedged her one in blush

It fit 3 sides perfectly, but it just bent upwards on the last side.

It was ok. Couldn't have fallen on her

Daffodil90 Mon 06-Jun-16 22:02:54

We bought a mattress for ours and DD still wouldn't sleep. She will only go down in it if she's swaddled in a blanket. I think it's a security thing, she could sense she was being put down a long way.
Worked a treat and has done everytime since

bonzo77 Mon 06-Jun-16 22:06:12

Measure the cots: travel cots come in different sizes. Try babymattressesonline for odd sized ones and the sheets that fit.

PebbleTTC Wed 08-Jun-16 18:42:43

Bought an extra mattress over the weekend and it worked! Sleeping for childminder! Thanks so much for the advice!

NeedACleverNN Wed 08-Jun-16 19:14:02

Glad it was an easy solution!

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