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night terror? in almost 6 year old dd

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Macey78 Fri 03-Jun-16 20:41:24

Looking for advice and any experience of this. We are currently abroad on holiday and our dd woke up around 6ish crying not unusual for her but the difference being that she would not stop she kept talking but it was all too incoherent to understand. Was roaming around in the room and upstairs hallway bawling and shouting. After about 10 mins I finally realised that although she looks awake she isn't.

This then went on for about a further 40mins. It looked exhausting for her and was incredibly scary for me and DH as this behaviour was so uncharacteristic for her. She wouldn't let me get too close to her, if I did she would shout/scream.

She then made her way downstairs I followed to make sure she was safe went from one sofa to the next resting her head but starting again.
She finally rested on the sofa and went to sleep. To touch she was very hot as though she was coming down with a fever. Went to sleep for about 20/30 mins arose I could sense she was awake properly now but very hazy as if she had a heavy head. Said that she had a headache and that she felt sick and subsequently was. Remained on the sofa dosing on and off finally having a 3.5hr nap. Now this is so unlike her once she dropped her naps nothing will make her have a day time nap this is the first since her toddler days.

I have used google and it does sound like a night terror but most of them were described as happening a couple of hours after going to bed whereas dd was early morning.

When I questioned dd on how she slept she said she had a bad dream. I asked her what it was about she said it was about a burglar and they had hit her over the head. Tonight I realised the dream may be related to her book that she is reading which is daisy and the trouble with burglars! So I have hid it and read something else to her. Normally she will read to herself after I've gone.

She doesn't seem to remember or say anything about her thrashing about so we haven't said anything either.

Is this the start of something?
Have any of going been through this?
How can We manage this well?
I feel like we have failed her and just want to get her home.

Thanks for any advice.

Macey78 Fri 03-Jun-16 21:14:49


Raider Fri 03-Jun-16 21:58:03

Hi, My DS had night terrors fairly regularly from toddlerhood til about 5/6ish. They sound very much as you described - the not being able to comfort them at all I remember as very distressing. They usually happened if ,in retrospect, we thought perhaps he had been overtired or overexcited. The only difference to your description is that they usually happened within an hour or two of him going to sleep and not early in the morning. He could never remember anything about it the next morning. I can imagine an exciting day on holiday (with lots of sun?) triggering something similar. Although I think the only time DS was ever ill with a fever he also had a terror, so I suppose she could be coming down with something. To hedge my bets I would keep things quiet and cool for a few hours & hope all is well.

Macey78 Fri 03-Jun-16 22:09:12

Thanks raider, the weather has been similar to London so unfortunately not due to the weather. But am hoping this was just a one off.

Good to know they don't happen forever.

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