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Co sleeping and switching to Bed Nest (and breast feeding to sleep)

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EastyC Mon 30-May-16 22:08:51

Im co sleeping with my second child (now 11 weeks) but want to transfer him gradually to the bed nest. But so far attempts to put him there have not worked - he just wakes up minutes later. If I even try and move him further from me in the bed he ends up glued to me often on his side.
Has anyone got tips on how to make the transfer to the bed nest easily (I should add that Im getting far more sleep than I ever did with my first child who I spent half the night repeatedly putting in the moses basket and I largely enjoy it). One reason I want to figure this out is because I cant get my son to sleep except on the breast so I often end up going to bed with him around 730/8 and then wake up hours later! Id hoped the bednest would be a very easy solution and I could move him into it after feed but not so far.
On a related note I have no idea how to get him to sleep without the boob (ie sleepy but awake) or in the sling.
All tips welcome. I dont want a 6 month year old in my bed but need all the sleep I can get now (he seems to wake around 10 when i go to bed - often having fallen asleep on me, then 1 then 4 then 6/7am)

FATEdestiny Mon 30-May-16 22:36:04

You could try a dummy rather than feeding to sleep.

No tips from me on the bednest. I removed one side off our cot and butted it up to my bed. It made a convenient extension to our bed and meant I could cuddle up to baby (reinserting dummy as needed and breastfeeding when required) without lifting or moving baby and then extract myself afterwards. I don't think this would work if baby had to be lifted and put into a bednest at every wake up or feed.

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