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Moses basket on lament flooring

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OrangeQ Sun 29-May-16 04:11:08


We're expecting our first in a few weeks and I'm starting to worry about all the little things. Tonight's worry is that we have a cot that is in the nursery but don't plan on using the nursery for the first 6 months and it's too big to go into our room. We have a moses basket and stand for our room but it slides around as we have lament flooring. Any ideas on how to stop it sliding ?


mrsmugoo Sun 29-May-16 04:14:30

Buy a little rug to stand the stand on. Or just put the basket on the floor and not use the stand.

OrangeQ Sun 29-May-16 04:22:29

Oh, good idea on the rug, not sure why I didn't think of that !!! Thanks xx

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