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early waking and naps

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waitingforsomething Thu 26-May-16 01:41:27

My 10 month old is waking between 5-5.30 for the day with a 7pm bedtime. He sleeps 2 hours 15ish over 2 naps in the day.
I know it's a common phase, (a path well trodden by dc1) however he is only sleeping for 12 hours out of 24 which seems on the low side.
Has anyone tried cutting naps down at this age to encourage a longer night sleep? If he only needs 12 I can accept that but would prefer more of it to be overnight so he sleeps till 6ish. A later bedtime hasnt worked he's just slept 8-5 instead, tried for a week

nopel Thu 26-May-16 03:04:23

DS didn't need much sleep as a baby and was having one nap from 12-2 at 10 months. Might be worth trying and having a longer period between naps and bed.

waitingforsomething Thu 26-May-16 04:35:45

Thanks novel I wonder if he might be similar - dd was 13 months when she went to one nap but I suspect he might not be quite the same. The next time he wakes at a reasonable hour I might try it

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