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struggling after hospital stay

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Chloris33 Wed 25-May-16 11:23:00

My 16 mo was admitted to hospital in an ambulance on Friday because the poor thing rapidly developed a very bad viral induced wheeze and was struggling to breathe. We had an overnight stay. He is better medically, but extremely clingy, and won't let me put him down during the day, and at night doesn't want to sleep in his cot, only on me. I have been going with this, as I think the incident was traumatic for him - scary not being able to breathe and going into hospital, etc. However, I am absolutely exhausted. I didn't sleep in hospital and have had bad nights since. He wakes in the night, discovers he is in his cot (where I put him after he falls asleep on me), and cries. If I don't quickly let him fall asleep on me again, he gets wide awake and won't go back to sleep for hours. If I try to put him back in his cot after he's fallen asleep on me he wakes instantly on being put down and cries. For the moment I have been taking him into bed with me at this point. But I'm a bit worried about this as a couple of months ago we sleep trained him, using gradual retreat, which really wasn't easy, but we got him to stop co-sleeping with me, and to feel safe in his cot and then he started sleeping through the night, which he'd never done before. I'm probably just too exhausted to make a sensible plan about sleep again. Any advice? I want to be kind to him given his recent ordeal, but I'm struggling a bit myself at the moment and very teary with tiredness (probably also stress from the scariness of DS's emergency).

Coconut0il Wed 25-May-16 14:49:12

What a stressful time for you, hope your DS is feeling much better.
If it was me I would probably let him co sleep for a few weeks then repeat the sleep training. For now I would do whatever gets you both the most sleep so you can both recover from the experience. I've co slept with DS2, 9 months since day 1 as that's how we get the most sleep!

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