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Need to get 3 month old to nap in cot

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FitLikeQuine79 Mon 23-May-16 11:15:40

DD2 (13 weeks old) will only nap during the day if held in my arms (has to be me, no one else will do). She will wake up the minute I try to lay her down in her cot. She sleeps no problem in her cot at night. It's seriously getting me down as I feel like I'm constantly pinned on the sofa. It's also not fair on DD1 who is only at nursery three days a week. DD2 won't sleep in carrier for any length of time either. Any tips please on how to get baby to nap without having to be in my arms - it doesn't feel like a very happy household at the moment.

Tumtitum Mon 23-May-16 20:54:58

I'm sure you've tried this already but with my DD (15 weeks tomorrow) I started doing a little nap time routine of lullaby shushing and rocking her then putting her in her cot and continuing shushing with my hand on her until she fell asleep. The first few naps I sat with my hand on her the entire time so if she woke I was still there! It's been a week and now about 50% of the time she can get herself to sleep. She only naps for 30 mins mind you but it's a start! Oh and she is in her sleepyhead which she sleeps in at night, but I guess you don't need that if she is already in her cot at night! smile good luck, I've found DD's sleeping so tough and I don't have another one to work around so you are doing an awesome job! smile

StarlightMcKenzee Mon 23-May-16 20:57:54

Why do you need to get the baby to nap? Can't you just wait until they fall asleep of their own accord, even if it seems like a long wake time?

Also, is the cot in the same room as you are in as it isn't recommended to have babies asleep in a different room until at least 6 months.

Conline Mon 23-May-16 21:31:34

Omg I'm in exactly the same position my DS 13 weeks too. Iv had one of those days where Iv thought right I'm not being sat on this sofa again while the sun is cracking the pavements outside! So I tried him in his pushchair. Nope! Soon as I moved to put him down he was awake and screamed. Tried his basket- got 6 minutes out of him in that. It's all very lovely getting the cuddles and him wanting me but I can't really get anything done when at home. But he is good at sleeping in his crib on a night in with us

TeaBelle Mon 23-May-16 21:33:33

Could you walk her round in the buggy instead? Makes them much easier to take out for the day if they happily nap in the buggy

Peachy27 Mon 23-May-16 21:49:17

Mine would never sleep in their cots in the day even tho they did quite happily at night but slept really well in the buggy. To begin with I would put them in it and just push back and forwards until they learnt to nod off on their own. Also had the advantage that if they woke up after 40 mins I could rock them back off which I couldn't in their cot. And like PP said, much easier for out and about not being tied to being at home for nap time.

SleepyRoo Mon 23-May-16 21:56:19

Could it be that the baby just needs more wake time during the day, as he gets older ? My DD2 is a similar age and I've also noticed naps are getting shorter. Just 20 mins or so in bouncy chair or car seat etc. She will do an hour in the buggy. I use a dummy , shush, the usual!

heyhulahoop Mon 23-May-16 21:56:54

Why do you need to get the baby to nap? Can't you just wait until they fall asleep of their own accord, even if it seems like a long wake time?

LOL! Bloody hell at that age my dd would end up awake for 6 hours and having a screamy distressing overtired meltdown before conking out, not ideal.

Op I'm not sure what carriers you've tried buy my dd would only nap in the caboo close sling at that age, then we progressed to naps in the pram, now she manages cot naps fine!

Coconut0il Mon 23-May-16 22:46:27

The only place that DS2 would ever sleep apart from on my lap was a bouncy chair. I had to keep bouncing it with my foot but it was a small break from holding him. I had a cheap second hand one and bounce, bounce, bounce.
He's too big for it now so we're back to lap naps but DS1 is 12 so I can let DS2 sleep on me without worrying about him.

adagio Mon 23-May-16 22:54:33

Both mine have always been encouraged to sleep in the pram- carrycot bit can then be carted into the right room once you are home, or if you are onto the buggy parked in the hall. Easier to go out if you want to not be tied to house/cot.

Once my eldest got big enough to resist naps I seem to recall the lay flat with straps done quite tight prevented tossing and turning, and the 'I'm overtired but won't admit it' wailing feels much quieter outside 😁

Good luck

FitLikeQuine79 Tue 24-May-16 05:52:09

Thanks everyone for your replies - good to know that I'm not alone - misery loves company and all that!

Starlight - I need her to nap because I can tell that she's tired and needs to sleep; she looks like utter shit and is clearly absolutely knackered but will only sleep if the conditions are exactly as she wants them (in my arms with easy access to a boob). Napping for only 10 minutes in 13 hours on Sunday, for example when she did finally conk out (after much protesting) is not ideal. And yes she is in with us and will be until at least six months.

the weather looks better today so going to take her out in her pram and hope the rocking sends her off although she normally howls. But as adagio says the wailing isn't so bad outside! As she clearly doesn't like my Tula carrier I think I'll try my local sling library and see if there's something else she's happier in.

Good luck Conline - hope you get off the sofa today too and enjoy the fine weather.

StarlightMcKenzee Tue 24-May-16 07:20:57

I meant does she sleep in the same room as you during day time naps, i.e is the cot in the living room, or do you spend her nap times in your bedroom too?

Thataintnoetchasketch Tue 24-May-16 18:50:27

Fit my DS is 20 weeks & we've been the same - he goes down fine at night but won't sleep anywhere except when being held through the day & it's often a wrestle to get him off to sleep. I kept saying once he slept longer at night i would deal with day naps but I kept putting off because DH works nightshift so it would be disturbing him.

I bit the bullet yesterday & did a mini bedtime routine - took him upstairs after he'd been up for 2 hours, put him in his woombie, had a wee song & fed to sleep stroking his head. I left white noise running and both days he's slept for 3 hours. He stirred after an hour, I fed him again and he went down for another 2 hours shock I don't know if he's just ready for it at 20 weeks where he wasn't before?

Cocolocos Tue 24-May-16 20:10:01

We were exactly the same until something clicked this week (22 weeks). I got the feeling she was getting annoyed at being held so I tried putting her down and it worked! Sorry I don't have tips except to keep trying. I know it's a pain!

FitLikeQuine79 Tue 24-May-16 23:24:04

that - three hour naps??? That sounds like bliss. Fingers crossed naps click with DD2 too. We managed a 20 minute nap in the pram today when we were out so that's progress but would only sleep in my arms with head on boob at home and woke up when I tried to lay her in her pram carry cot bit which I had taken in to the living room. Never mind, it's nice weather again tomorrow so we'll try again for another nap in her pram while I enjoy the sun.

Thataintnoetchasketch Wed 25-May-16 08:11:44

Fit any kind of progress is great - I usually feel we go one step forward & two back.

I was completely unnerved by it! That morning I'd taken him out in his pram and he maybe only slept for 10 minutes - so when we got back I put him in his cot and he crashed out til 1pm. It's like he's a different boy.

Going to try it again today then see if he'll sleep in his pram for a walk this afternoon.

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