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8 week old daytime sleep-tell me it gets better?!

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driftingclouds Thu 19-May-16 13:03:35

Really need some reassurance that things will improve! dc3 is 8 weeks old and I am really struggling with daytime naps. He has reflux and is on ranitidine which I think is contributing. Night sleeps are ok-goes down around 7.30pm, sleeps till midnight-ish, then wakes again at 3/4ish then down till 6.30/7ish. Exclusive bf and we swaddle at night.

In the day it's difficult as has to go in pram for school runs. Gets v.tired around 8.30am and will sleep in pram as long as it is moving. As soon as we get home and stop then he pings awake, even if only had a very short nap. Next seems tO need a nap around 11.30/12ish and ideally I would put him in his cot but it's impossible-even swaddled and with white noise in the dark he does max 10mins before screaming, but will then sleep in my arms. He will sleep being held or in sling or car seat but needs movement or is wide awake. Then tends to sleep on school pick up around 3pm.

Sorry this is quite rambling but basically I don't know to to help him 'learn' how to sleep without movement. I feel like the school runs have created a situation where he can't settle without movement. There is only one sleep a day that I can try to put him in the cot and we 'fail' every day which is exhausting. I've tried swaddle, have borrowed a sleepyhead (he screams in it!), dark room, light rPom, have tried recreating our night routine. Nothing works-he wakes after 10mins and it feels like he is gurgling and refluxing.

My older two were great daytime sleepers but terrible night sleepers so the opposite problem. I know he is still tiny and we are in survival mode at the moment. I'm really looking for reassurance for someone who has had a similar problem-to tell me that one day he will have a decent nap in his cot in the middle of the day (and that one day I will get my arms back and be able to get on with jobs when my older two are at school and preschool!). Or indeed if anyone has any ideas of how to improve things, they would be gratefully received!

Diddlydokey Thu 19-May-16 13:22:29

There are a couple of possibilities

1. Overtiredness. I would try putting him down sooner for his cot naps where you can. When he seems tired, he is likely overtired already and therefore struggles to fall and stay asleep. I used this chart as a guide and it worked very well for my DS.

2. The reflux could be making him uncomfortable or he might be happier sleeping in a bouncer or a swing, if you have one.

He is young and the pram naps are a good thing IMO as it is going to be a part of your routine for a long while. Its great to have a baby who sleeps out and about.

Diddlydokey Thu 19-May-16 13:31:10

Just another thought, swaddle for the school run.

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