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Night terrors

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Amy214 Wed 18-May-16 00:30:01

Dd is 2 years old and she has just had a bad night terror. She was thrashing about, screaming, wouldnt let me touch her (so i just said its ok and im here from a distance) it took 45 mins for her to really calm down and go back to sleep, i know your supposed to watch from a safe distance and wait until they are calm to wake them up, comfort them etc.. But its so hard to watch, i hate it! I know why it happened, she refused to sleep at nap time. How do i prevent it happening again? There was no major changes except missing her nap and going to bed earlier than usual, shes got a stuffy nose aswell. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

allypally1983 Wed 18-May-16 20:52:59

My daughter has had these before, they're really scary!! She went through a phase of having them nightly. What I found prevented them was to wait til she's asleep (make sure you note the time as accurately as you can) and wait for her to have a terror. Make a note of the time again (wth mine it was 50 mins), wait for her calm etc and then the next night time it and go in their room 5 mins before they are due a terror and just stroke their head so they stir. This prevented them, I did it for about 4/5 nights and it stopped. She has them occasionally now, usually when she's tired so the missed nap could be the trigger. Hope this helps x

Amy214 Wed 18-May-16 21:22:51

Thank you, it was horrible! Thankfully she doesnt remember a thing, i read that if you wake them up after they have calmed down it helps to break the cycle. She had one around 90 minutes after bedtime, she had a nap today so i hope it doesnt happen tonight but i might go into her room at roughly the same time and wait to see if it does happen x

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