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7 week old sleep and feeding unpredictable

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Gems2181 Tue 17-May-16 12:47:57

My DD was 7 weeks old yesterday and she has me all confused on her sleep and feeding patterns.

She doesn't go to be until quite late at the moment - sometimes up until 1am. Last night i put her in a sleeping bag and caved in and gave her a dummy. It took 30 mins of putting dummy in every time it fell out, but ahe eventually went to sleep about 11.15. She then woke at 4 for a feed and was then up every hour after grizzling but not necessarily hungry. Up to last week she qould reliably go back to sleep until 7/8am. Whilst i can't complain as the stretch from11.15 to 4 isn't too bad - i'm just wondering if this is normal behaviour. I've asked HV and all she says is keep going to the 3 month mark and things get better.

Also her daytime naps - she likes to sleep on me or in her car seat if we're out and about. This means i am doing nothing in the house and it just seems like it will always be like this. If i try to put her in her carrycot during the day, she will be awake within 20 mins max - but in my arms or car seat she will sleep for hours! This also affects her feeding - at home she is feeding every 1 1/2 to 2 hours and even more frequent in early morning and evening. But during the day if we are out she wil happily go 3 hours! (she is formula fed).

I am a first time mum and getting so confused about the different advice everyone gives and this isn't helping my pnd. I was also made aware yesterday that after a certain amount of awake time she should be going down for a nap - how on earth am i supposed to do that? I'm now all confused about whether i should be following a baby led routine or a more structured one - but again- not sure how i would ever get her to sleep at prescribed times/periods!

Coconut0il Tue 17-May-16 15:43:34

Congratulations on your DD. I think everything you've mentioned sounds totally normal. My DS1 is 12 and DS2 is 8 months. With both I have been very baby led, we never really stuck to a strict routine.
With sleeping I think lots of newborns like to stay up later. Both DS1 and DS2 stayed downstairs with us till 10/11 pm till they were about 3 or 4 months when they started having earlier bedtimes. DS2 also had his best sleep for the first part of the night so I made sure I went to bed too ready for an early wake up! He also did the unsettled second part of the night. He just grew out of this.
For daytime sleep DS2 has all his naps on my lap. There's nothing wrong with this if you're happy to do it. I enjoy the cuddles and try not to worry about the housework, I know from DS1 that this part goes so quickly so I just enjoy the quiet time with DS2. He sleeps for much longer this way. He will sleep in car seat/ pushchair if they are moving.
The advice about not too much awake time is just to prevent your DD getting overtired. Very loosely I try to get DS2 to sleep every 3ish hours. It's a bit easier to get him to drop off without him fighting it this way.
For feeding, I feed on demand. DS2 feeds a lot more if we're at home but again I follow his lead. I know he's not always hungry but it's comfort too.
Nothing wrong with a dummy if it settles your DD.
My main advice is not to listen to too much advicegrin No one knows your DD as well as you. Other people can tell you their experiences, as I have just done, but you know best. Trust your judgement.

orangebird69 Wed 18-May-16 10:36:23

She's only 7 weeks. I'm a big fan of a baby led routine at that age. Let her feed and sleep on demand.

Jenijena Wed 18-May-16 10:43:00

A nearly seven week old here. If we're lucky we get a three hour block of sleep in Dad's arms 9-midnight, but then he's awake at least every two hours for food (breastfed) and often every hour 4/5/6 am. And if we get an hours sleep in the cot in a block at night it's rare... So 'normal' at the moment is not very normal!

Cakescakescakes Wed 18-May-16 10:51:25

Totally normal. It will settle honestly. First three months are just about survival.

Gems2181 Wed 18-May-16 16:47:59

Thank you all for your responses. I've tried something different the last few nights and put her in a sleeping bag at bedtime. I put her down in her moses basket to wash my face last night and when i came back to her she had fallen asleep! A miracle.
Daytime naps have also improved in that i can put her down and she slept for an hour and a half this morning. I actually got to eat breakfast with both hands!
It probably does also help that my pnd has dramatically improved over the last few days - it's almost like she can sense it. She even gave me a big smile this morning which completely melted my heart. It's true what they say - things do get better 😊

orangebird69 Wed 18-May-16 17:57:43

That's a lovert update Gems smileflowers

Coconut0il Wed 18-May-16 18:52:22

Lovely news smile

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