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Pick Up/Put down technique for stopping constant dummy replacements!!

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NotAClueReally3 Sun 15-May-16 15:27:51

Hi, does anyone here follow the Baby Whisperer techniques/routines?
Just need some reassurance! DD is on a 3hr EASY and is 4.5 months old. She is very dummy dependant for sleep. She hasn't had milk after her dream feed for about five nights, as I really don't think she needs it. Stopping nighttime milk coincided with putting her in her own room at night. Generally during naps she will wake after 45 mins and I'll spend the remaining time running in and out, putting the bl00dy dummy back in.
During the night the dummy runs have been increasing so as of last night we decided to start pu/pd to teach her to settle without the dummy. I did pu/pd with my son six years ago so I'm familiar with it.

My question is, is it too soon to stop the dummy? Am I making a rod for my own back? At the same time as dropping the dummy I'm also allowing her arms out as she gets out of the swaddle and disturbs herself anyway. Figured if she's learning to self soothe we can do both at once but it's so hard!! I know it's a lot of change for her at once.

I know I should also be working towards a four hourly routine so I'm stressing about that too.

Do you think I'm doing the right thing by dropping dummy and swaddle via pu/pd? Any advice welcome!! Massive crisis of confidence here. Struggling. Thanks in advance for any replies.

nephrofox Mon 16-May-16 19:53:23

As a rule if I am up twice in an hour for the dummy, I find it easier to give milk and that usually settles them properly. I think if they're hungry then settling with dummy only gets then through 1 sleep cycle and then they wake again

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