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Just when you think.something is going well.....

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Nottalotta Tue 10-May-16 19:09:48

Ds, 9months. Had numerous sleep issues, but had settled into a much improved routine. Bedtime was upstairs fir a bath at 6. Excemaecream on, into nightclothes. Two stories, mobile on bf to sleep. Into cot. Getting him to sleep as been very reliable. (couldn't say the same about staying asleep)

The last week has been awful at bedtime, naps too but I have the option of pushchair forthose.

We do the routine, heroine. Short feed then cries, pushes wriggles etc. He's always asleep by 6.45 but some nights have been9. He has got three teeth in the past few weeks but they are through and two were before this started.

Husband suggests going downstairs and playing til he's ready. I am curently still a third and he's sitting on my lap looking at a book.

Help. Don't know what to do but feelgood downstairs is a potential bad habit to start

Nottalotta Tue 10-May-16 19:29:59

After 15minutes or so of quiet looking at the book, he had fed on and off and just dropped off. I don't know whether to start later but saying that he was tired when we came up today at 6.10.

Remains to be seen whether I win 'transition bingo'

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