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Toddler and bottles at night - I know I know

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CuntingDMjournos Mon 09-May-16 19:23:07

I KNOW I should have tackled this long before. DD3 (2.5) is feisty as hell, a little firecracker who has been a horrendous tantrummer. She drinks 2-4 bottles of semi skimmed milk a night. From a size 1 teat. I don't need telling that this is bad but I want to give up.
I have tried replacing with water and we managed to replace the formula with semi skimmed milk. I am doing for cold turkey at the bank holiday weekend at the end of the month and need hand holding and advice from anyone who has done this. I am actually TERRIFED. My SIL did cold turkey with a 2 yr old and said it took 2 weeks. And she is stubborn as a mule.
Am thinking
Bottle fairy
A present on the first morning (or the last night before bed??)
A special cuddly
A sticker every night after that

Also am potty training this week. Stupid to do the two so close?
We are flying long haul this summer ahould I wait til after in case she never sleeps again?

waitingforsomething Tue 10-May-16 02:25:44

Leave the potty training until you have dealt with this. Doesn't matter if she's a few weeks older for that.
As you know, 2.5 year old children do not need to be drinking milk out of anything over night. Don't be scared of a toddler - tantrumming is what they do and you know she's going to do it. When she wakes offer her a cup of water, let her drink if she will then say goodnight and leave the room. Repeat as many times as you have to- she will get the message. Tell her before the first night that she isn't having any milk tonight; milk bottles are for babies and now she isn't a baby she can't have one anymore. Get her to help you package up the bottles for the bottle fairy to come and collect them for all the babies. Put them away in a high up cupboard and don't get them out no matter how hard she tantrums!

waitingforsomething Tue 10-May-16 02:29:15

You mustn't give in though op! If you are tempted think of the tooth decay that will eventually occur if she drinks milk all night from a bottle without cleaning her teeth after. The milk will be sitting on her teeth when she sleeps causing no end of problems for the future. That is more regrettable than a few nights of possible tantrums.

InsaneDame Tue 10-May-16 14:05:19

I wouldn't even put them in a cupboard - bin them, that way you can't give her one even if you wanted to!

BiddyPop Tue 10-May-16 14:13:59

Can she drink a big glass of milk, or from a sports bottle or similar, before going UP to bed, so that she has a full tummy but brushes teeth afterwards?

We have issues with DD being very small, and other appetite problems, which means we still have big glasses of milk in the late evening (she's 10).

If she needs a drink during the night, leave a sports bottle of water beside her (DD drinks LOADS of water during the night - she seems to forget to drink enough in the day).

We always made sure she brushed teeth well before bed (and in the mornings), and if she has a drink in bed, it is in a free-flowing bottle rather than a teat one. She was still regularly having milk in bed even last year - and her teeth are perfect.

So maybe try changing the bottle first (from a "baby bottle" with a teat, to a large sippy cup with a lid or a sports bottle that has a free-flowing cap) rather than giving up the milk entirely?

CuntingDMjournos Wed 11-May-16 23:00:14

I was thinking of throwing all the bottles out except one which I will put at the back of the attic amongst the spiders in case it is really really bad and she is incredibly distressed.
I think cold turkey is the only way we've tried all the gradual withdrawal. I wouldn't do it except for the teeth and that she is quite fat

waitingforsomething Thu 12-May-16 02:12:11

Don't keep one op the previous poster is right. Even if it's in the attic with the spiders you'll get it if you're desperate. She's 2 and a half - a cup of water will be okay and there are other ways of comforting her too

nephrofox Mon 16-May-16 19:58:58

Definitely throw them ALL away, this is going to be as hard for you as it is her.

Can you let the older ones go away on sleepovers for the weekend?!

Don't give in. Let her choose a new toy and water bottle during the day, then help you throw the bottles away. Big glass of milk before bed, brush teeth and tell her she can have another one with breakfast in the morning. Nothing but water from her new bottle in the middle.

Leave the potty training, TBH that will likely be easier once the milk is gone (surely up to a litre of milk is soaking through?!)

CuntingDMjournos Mon 16-May-16 21:57:45

It's 2 weeks to B day and I've started talking about being a big girl and saying goodbye to the bottles and that the bottle fiary will come and give her a big girl present. She says they're not the bottle fairies bottles they're MINE!
The problem is they are such a massive comfort object. She cuddles them in bed when she's not sucking them. I see so much about not taking away little kids' comfort objects and I know it will be traumatic but needs to be done because of her teeth.
We have started potty training but she's been showing so much interest. She does a massive wee in the night when I rouse her before I go to bed and the nappy is hanging off her in the morning, and then she does a couple of massive wees in the morning, she's now doing those in the potty so cutting down on a few nappies! Still wearing nappies out and about so only half hearted potty training until we crack the bottles
The oldest two tend to sleep through anything so that's something

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