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Sleepwalking Toddler

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WalkingBlind Sat 07-May-16 07:36:56

DD is 3 and has just started sleepwalking. Not sure how to handle it? Is it true that you don't wake them?

She managed to get downstairs in total pitch black (how she didn't fall I will never know as the stairs curve round confused) and when she 'came to' she was terrified and confused and also wet herself then was mortified as she's never done that at night before bless her (not even in toilet training). She was practically hysterical.

This is the only time she's woken up, there's been 3-4 times previously where she's walked in my room and talked nonsense or done something strange completely asleep. This is also the only time she's come all the way downstairs (is there a chance she's subconsciously coming to where I am specifically?) I normally turn her around or pick her up and back to bed but this time had to console her. Wondering if I can prevent or help in any way? I don't want her to hurt herself or become distraught again x

lovelilies Sat 07-May-16 07:49:40

Get a stair gate on her door or top of the stairs, and just keep popping her back in bed.
It's very normal for little ones to do this.

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