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3 week old asleep all day, is this normal?

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TheWrongAlice Fri 06-May-16 20:14:36

Neurotic here but my dd, 3 weeks old today and was born by c section at 41 weeks, has slept literally the entire day. I have woken her for feeds every 3 hours, which she has taken though with varying levels of enthusiasm, then has gone straight back to sleep.

Ordinarily she has been regularly awake for hour long or 90 minute during the day and quite alert.

Should I be worrying?

FuzzyOwl Fri 06-May-16 20:16:52

My DD slept all the time for the first six or so weeks. I had to go to quite an effort to wake her up enough for feeds initially until she got into a four hour routine but she would be straight back to sleep afterwards. I would say it is perfectly normal but if you are worried, speak to your HV or midwife team.

kinkytoes Fri 06-May-16 20:18:55

Plenty of wet and dirty nappies? Are you keeping an eye out for jaundice etc?

You can contact the midwives for up to 28 days after the birth, even if you've been discharged.
Give them a ring if you're concerned.

TheWrongAlice Fri 06-May-16 20:28:39

Fuzzy that's reassuring and yes, kinkytoes lots of wet and dirty nappies. Maybe a growth spurt and she will go on a feeding frenzy when she wakes up.

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