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Please help me. 11 weeks old sleep gone bad.

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Timetogrowup2016 Fri 06-May-16 08:58:01

I have an 11 week old dd. she was born early at 35 weeks though and still very much behaves like a six week old baby now an 11 week old.
She was a good little sleeper at first. Would wake, feed, swaddle and sleep happily in her Moses basket or carry cot.
Not now. The only way she will sleep is if the pram is moving outside or in her swinging chair .
Last night she settled in her cot for just an hour. We used swaddling, white noise and dummy, the dummy works but she spits it out every two/three minutes and then immediately wakes up again.
She is so over tired it's unbelievable. She's never happy because she just won't stay asleep and I'm spending every minute unless I'm outside in absolute tears because of it.
She doesn't like to sleep next to me/or on me either. Just screams and screams .
During the day only sleeps twenty minutes at a time.
The only way we get any sleep at night is the swing chair. And that terrifies me because of cot death and her back being in that position. But what can I do? I need at least a couple hours my self.
Writing this post I have inserted the dummy maybe thirty times and she just keeps howling the second it leaves her mouth and her eyes ping back open.
I have tried two types of dummies. Dr Browns and tommee tippee cherry. Neither work.
Please please help me. This can't go on. I'm not enjoying dd and starting to resent her for making every day a living night mare even though it's not her fault. I often feel I've ruined any life I ever had. As I never even have just an hour to my self during the day. I'm hating life right now.
I've tried everything, swaddling, rolling up towels to help her feel secure, white noise, dummy, warming cot or basket. Nothing works. Nothing sad and she won't co sleep she won't settle next to me

Btw she will not sleep un swaddled at all even if put down in deep sleep.
She just kicks and throws her arms around.
Please help us from one tired baby and one tired mummy.

Onthedowns Fri 06-May-16 17:34:44

My son was born at 35 weeks too now 9 weeks, I think it's very normal for them to behave like a newborn. He was in scbu also for 3 weeks. He has silent reflux and cmpi is this a possibility with your dd? He doesn't sleep well and spends a lot of time screaming, due to not being comfortable. I have hired a stretchy wrap as I have a 4 year old too. It's the only way he will settle at the moment i am happy to indulge him till his reflux is sorted. I think he likes to be cuddled. However I understand your frustration, we get little sleep I sometimes don't have time to wash my hair for days! And I have to leave him in his bouncy chair to scream occasionally when I think I am losing the plot, having a high needs child is mentally tiring!

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