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DD 18mo will not sleep after stomach bug. Unsure what the problem is

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inneedofsage Wed 04-May-16 01:34:11

18 mo daughter was ill about 2.5 weeks ago with vomiting and diarrhoea . I took her completely off dairy and only started giving it to her again a week ago.

Her poos went from diarrhoea during the bug, to sticky/normal/solid, but have now gone back to diarrhoea (hummus colour and texture/frothy.)

She also is not drinking nearly as much water as she used to drink.

The other change is that I am putting her to bed with milk (she has formula because she refuses cow's milk) and she is waking up three hours after going to bed and screaming the house down that she wants more milk. I end up making her another bottle just to settle her.

I don't know if this excess milk is causing the return of her diarrhoea.

It makes me feel terribly guilty as she is absolutely inconsolable, and she makes it very clear that the only thing that will make her stop is if I give her more milk. I don't want to overload her with lactose so soon after being ill and being off it, but it is the only thing that will make her even consider returning to sleep.

I just settled her with another bottle of formula (that's 500ml since 7pm), but she has just finished it and is now screaming again, inconsolably. I don't know if this is a sleep issue, a health issue or just a discipline issue?

InsaneDame Wed 04-May-16 11:47:17

Did she have milk in the night before she got ill?

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