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blinkyoullmissit Mon 02-May-16 23:45:10

Can you start getting your little one to settle themselves
My ds is nearly 11months old and he just won't settle himself in his cot.
Hell go to bed anywhere between half 6 and half 8 (sometimes 11 if we're having a bad night) and has his bottle and I have to cuddle him until his asleep and then place him in his cot.
He will then wake up between 10 and 1 and demand another bottle and cuddle and put back to bed. He will wake up between 2 and 4 more times until 7 when it's time to wake up.
I'm so exhausted.
Right now he's wide awake but lying quietly in his cot, having kicked all his covers off. Shall I just leave him and risk him becoming more awake or agitated? Or pick him up and cuddle him.
How can I introduce him into getting himself to sleep and being less clingy?

FifiFerusha Tue 03-May-16 21:49:26

Have you tried any sleep training methods? There are a few you can look up on this website. You could cuddle him until really drowsy and put him down and with a hand on him shh him until asleep. Then over time, reduce cuddle time, shh time until he can sleep independently. Once he can self settle this may sort out the night wakings. There are harsher methods such as controlled crying but this can be a bit torturous for all involved. Also I find that focusing on awake times makes a big difference. He is less likely to settle if under/ over tired.

Could you also use a sleeping bag and not blankets as they would easily be kicked off or in my DS case used as a toy to distract from sleep.

And to answer the questions. My 6 year old still wants me to sit with her until she sleeps. . So not yet. My DS though has self settled on and off from four months but is regressing right now at 9 mo. Started settling for bedtime though. This took a few months of hard work mind. Some babys just grow into self settling. I hope there are some mums who can be more help to you. Good luck. . You must be exhausted x

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