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Sleepovers!! *HELP!*

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lonerboner Sun 01-May-16 12:58:36

DS 2.5 years old. Always has very good day/night routine (I am a fully lone parent)

so last night, we "did a trial" at sleeping at someone else's house, travel cot, same routine etc.

DS screamed from 8pm until 3am when I cracked & drove home AT 3AM. He did not sleep at all in this period of time. I tried every form of settling even gave Gina Ford a run for her money.

I still got the DS up at 7am!!!

I am beyond tired, as I then couldn't sleep, but I have to carry on, I have to - who else is going to step in.

I on the other hand am not sure how the hell I am going to get DS to sleep anywhere else!!!! (He naps at childminder fine so I just don't know what went wrong???)

I'm so embarrassed about the people we were staying with but I think they understood, I couldn't have carried on, he just would not stop crying & settle.

Arghhhhhhh - right little rest for me now over nap time.

Has anyone experienced this? Or any advise?

It would just be nice with the summer coming up to spend some time with other people & not have to worry about leaving for bedtime & I can relax with my friends for a bit (I have been out about 4 times since DS was born) friends usually come to me or I get a babysitter but again it's so rare.

BackforGood Sun 01-May-16 23:29:02

Might it be worth trying him sleeping in the travelcot in the room he normally sleeps in for a few times, keeping all the other "normal" things the same, and just swapping normal bed for the travel cot? (use his normal bedding, toys, room, lighting, etc)
Obviously there are a lot of differences if you've gone somewhere else, and it might be worth breaking it down a bit to see which of these (if any) unsettled him. It could have just been an unfortunate coincidence of course.

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