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unimagmative13 Fri 29-Apr-16 08:23:44

My 6 month old has turned into a bunny hopping squealer over night!

Is there anyway to stop them moving across the cot?

Here's was been going on.

Weeks 1-10 good sleeper wakes 1/2 times at night for feeds - sleep in snuzpod.

Week 10 - drops night feeds goes into cot bed in our room, we use a rolled up towel and sleeping bag to make him feel secure - he's very noisy anyway

Goes well until week 18/19 so cotbed goes in own room.

Week 22 - we start having to go in at night. Crying in sleep, dummy fallen out or we can here blabbing on monitor. Use nurofen incase its teething.

Week 24- starts twisting himself so face is buried in towel thing so take that out.

Week 25/26- waking to blabble/ able to move across cot then screaming, takes dummy out and holds it but screams, generally sleeps on side holding Ewan the sheep. Ends up in our bed because we just want sleep!

How can you make your 6 month more secure without having to be on suicide watch.

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