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How does your toddler go to bed?

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SleepForTheWeak Thu 28-Apr-16 19:44:02

My DD is 18mo and has never been the best sleeper, although we're now at the stage where she is sleeping through occasionally, or up once/twice, bf and then bed share.

But I'm genuinely interested how/what time your toddler goes to bed? We have gone through phases of having to feed to sleep, pat to sleep etc, we were then able to leave the room after putting her to bed after working with a SC, then we were back to having to be in the room with her when she fell asleep but no interaction, and now she is wanting her feet/hands/neck rubbed to get to sleep. She's usually asleep by 7/7.30.

It seems like a never ending cycle. Is it just us? Is everyone else able to put their toddler to bed, say goodnight and leave them? It was great when we were able to do that, but teething/illness interrupted and we've not managed to get back to where we were.

So, I'm interested to hear your bedtime stories smile

TeaBelle Thu 28-Apr-16 19:48:43

Up until 16 months old dd bf to sleep in the evening and when she woke 3 million times per night.

We did a week of dh doing bedtime to break the habit. Dd needs about 5 minutes of upright rocking in the rocking chair and then we pop her in the cot sometimes awake, sometimes asleep. She normally wiggles a bit to get comfy but cannot sleep without a nightlight and white noise (fan)

SleepForTheWeak Thu 28-Apr-16 19:51:10

Hi Tea smile

We managed to break the feed to sleep habit at bedtime when DD was about 11 months, mainly with DH doing bedtimes. It was a long process of gradual withdrawal but it did eventually work - I'm just not sure I can go through that all again confused

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Thu 28-Apr-16 19:51:26

My DS is a nightmare to get off to sleep. He won't go upstairs at all while awake and screams like he's being murdered if you put him in his cot. Even sat right next to him he just doesn't give up and becomes hysterical. I gave up and now I put him in the travel cot in the living room and sneak him upstairs once he's asleep ( which can be anywhere from 8-10 )

I don't think your routine is bad tbh, and if it's working and means no tears at bedtime then I'd stick to it. I'm sure in a year or two she'll self settle ( this is what I repeat to myself every night to keep myself sane grin )

Eminybob Thu 28-Apr-16 19:54:34

Ok, DS is 21 months and this is our routine:

7 go up and start running the bath
Have a bit of a play upstairs, usually DP hiding and DS and I looking for him.
Milk in a bottle (this does need to go soon tbh)
Story (usually a ladybird classic - we have a box set)
Down in cot by 7.30 and asleep pretty much straight away.
No wake ups unless poorly. Usually up for the day between 6-7am

It's been he same routine for well over a year and he's always been really good at bed time. I did bf him to sleep until around 8/9 months.

I know it's hard though but I honestly think it's luck of the draw rather than anything you can do.

NorfolkEnchance Thu 28-Apr-16 19:55:08

DC1 is 20 months and has been put to bed awake after milk since they were around 9 months. Stopped bed time milk at 18 months. If they wake in the night (very rare) they play quietly and go back to sleep. Dream sleeper! Awful toddler attitude though.
DC2 is 5 months and wakes pretty much every hour throughout the night, wants to be bf every time and has suddenly decided they no longer like the crib so having to share our bed.

StubbleTurnips Thu 28-Apr-16 19:59:35

We do bath time about 6.15, then in jamas / teeth / hair and into bed.

She gets 3 stories plus the Gruffalo. She's usually asleep by the time snake comes.

She's nearly 3, and this routine has worked for about 6 months.

Before that it was bath / teeth / bed and night garden - anything goes as she never sleeps through.

peggyundercrackers Thu 28-Apr-16 20:35:50

We have been lucky both our dd and ds go to bed with no nonsense.

Dd who is just over 3 goes to bed at 7:30 once she has brushed her teeth. She likes a story but within 5 mins she is sleeping, we just tell her that's bed time and she goes and brushes her teeth then goes.

Ds is 7 months and by about 7pm he's ready for bed, just put him in his sleeping bag and into his cot say night night and he just grabs his covers and snuggles in and that's him until 7:30ish in the morning, sleeps right through and always has since about 4.5 months He is always sleeping within 5 mins.

Sodabread Thu 28-Apr-16 23:43:16

DD needed me in the room until she fell asleep for a long time, even though I has stopped feeding to rep at 15 months. Was often 8.30 sometimes 9 before I got out of her room and that was when she was 21/2 It got a lot quicker once she dropped the afternoon nap. She susually in bed at 7, asleep in ten mins.

SleepForTheWeak Fri 29-Apr-16 08:04:51

Thanks for replying, everyone.

Maybe it is a lot to do with the 'pick of the draw'. I always assume it's because of what we are doing, but reading everyone else's posts have made me realise we are not in the minority!

angryangryyoungwoman Fri 29-Apr-16 08:13:13

My dd woke up every 1.5 hours or more frequently until about 2 years 2 months then started sleeping for 6 hour stretches instead. No change in her routine but it just suddenly clicked for some reason. Thank fuck.

flanjabelle Fri 29-Apr-16 08:22:53

At that age I was still cuddling dd to sleep. It would take forever and was driving me mad.

Once she was 2 and a bit I decided to bribe her into going to sleep by herself. I started with nap time and told her if she could fall asleep by herself then she could have a present. (Pound shop toys all wrapped up). It worked, and she got the idea of it. CarriEd on with the presents for two weeks. Then let her choose some sweeties, these are her good girl sweeties and she gets one in the morning and after nap time if she settles herself. It's still working now and she is just past two and a half. I know that's not useful now, as your dc is a bit too young, but it may work in a few months time.

So now I do her teeth, let her choose a few short stories, then I kiss her and all her teddies goodnight, tell her I love her, she asks if she will get a sweetie in the morning, and I say yes as long as she's a good girl, then I close the door and she goes to sleep. Done.

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