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11 month old early waking - boring I know but does my routine need tweaking?

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feelinginthedark Thu 28-Apr-16 18:35:07

Ever since she started sleeping through, around 7 months, she has woken at 5.30 or 6am. It is getting really old now, I go to bed early but am still shattered. DH works late so essentially I don't see him M-F! Earlier bedtime has been suggested, but this means 6.30pm, it is really hard to imagine my 3 year old being stuck inside all evening over the summer to faciliate this. The other thing I was considering was dropping the morning nap - is this a terrible idea?

Current routine is: wake 5.30 or 6 (have given up trying milk etc to get her back to sleep, it doesn't work) out of the cot at 7am; nap 9am for 45 minutes or so; nap 12.30pm for usually 1.5 hours or so; last bottle at 6.30, bath and bed at 7pm (I may have to try moving this to 6.30pm to see if it helps).

Suggestions grin?

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