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He was a great little sleeper, but now...

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Glitterspy Thu 28-Apr-16 10:33:18

I have become a zombie in the last 3 weeks!

DS (second baby) is breastfed with the occasional evening bottle and is 20 weeks. He sleeps in a cotbed in our room, I "cosleep" feed him at night iyswim and transfer him to his cot once he's asleep. He'll happily fall asleep in his cot himself for daytime naps. Up until about 2-3 weeks ago he was a dream - slept beautifully at night, going down when I went to bed and usually sleeping 4 but often up to 8 hours straight before waking. He'd wake, feed, and go more or less straight back into a deep sleep. I was sane, normal and couldn't quite believe my luck.

Roll on recently, his sleep has gradually morphed into shorter and shorter blocks with much more wakefulness/fidgeting. He seems exhausted by about 8.30pm doing a "screamy" cry (he's so laid back normally, this is reserved for real extremis only!). Hence introducing the evening bottle in an attempt to feed him up before we go to bed, but it's had no real effect. He'll feed to sleep (on the boob, he goes off, sighs happily, turns head away - all signs he's satisfied?) and go down, but only for maybe an hour. Then he's up for another feed. Down for 2-3 hours if I'm lucky. Then up every hour until a final fed about 5.30 at which point it's all over anyway as DD (3) is up and shouting by then.

He wriggles/head scratches when he wakes, he doesn't scream or cry - and I'm not keen to leave him to get to that point. I do try sushing/ finger sucking before I get him up but it's milk/a feed he wants. I'm ready for you to tell me this is a phase/4 month sleep regression etc - but what can I do to help him before the habit and memory of sleeping through becomes just that - a hazy memory!?

AlleyCatandRastaMouse Thu 28-Apr-16 10:39:18

4 month sleep regression I suspect. I had it on my 1st and 3rd but I only heard of it after my 3rd. They improve again ...eventually.

Glitterspy Thu 28-Apr-16 12:46:06

Sheesh, I can't wait for it to improve! Any thoughts on how I could help things along?

Flossiesmummy Thu 28-Apr-16 12:53:13

My DD did this when she was having a growth spurt. It's no fun.

Just remember - this too, shall pass.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Thu 28-Apr-16 12:54:42

I have no tips OP but have a 21 week old doing the exact same. I'm exhausted!

acquiescence Thu 28-Apr-16 17:08:04

Is he going to bed after 8.30? Maybe try and earlier bedtime, sounds like he could be over tired?

Glitterspy Sat 07-May-16 10:34:17

Thanks all. Sorry I abandoned the thread for a while! We have no progress apart from remembering it's Wonder Week 4 so a growth spurt/mental leap is to blame. Stupid babies grin

FallBack Sat 07-May-16 19:00:18

Also second an earlier bedtime. My DS gets extremely cross if we're not upstairs in a dark room by 6:30pm.

Glitterspy Sat 07-May-16 19:37:30

He does tend to go to bed with me, so about 9pm or even later... blushsounds like I ought to be putting him down much earlier...

Nottalotta Sun 08-May-16 19:01:46

My lb was never a great sleeper but started needing a 'normal' bedtime around that age. I'd suggest starting a bedtime routine (we do bath every other night, into sleepwear, two stories (same ones) music on and feed to sleep. Then put in cot. He slept on the bed in between pillows until he could roll.

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