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Should I buy an Angelcare movement/sound monitor?

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Shootingstar2289 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:14:30

My daughter is 9 months and recently has took a liking to sleeping on her front which I felt fine with as my son did the same at the same sort of age.

However, last night I woke up to find her face down in the cot. I moved her onto her back but she moved onto her front again but with her head too the sight

Am I over reacting to be considering buying an Angelcare monitor? Especially as she is no longer a tiny baby.


Shootingstar2289 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:14:51

right not sight **

Freezingwinter Wed 27-Apr-16 20:15:49

Hm. I am sure she would be fine. However. I have the monitor you talk of and it saves my sanity. It's such a reassurance. My baby is 14 months now and I still use it. They're pricey but you can get them in the baby events at Asda, etc. and if you have any more babies you can reuse it grin

HaveYouMetTed Wed 27-Apr-16 20:16:41

As she would be fairly mobile at 9months wouldn't it go off all the time? (Genuine query)

HaveYouMetTed Wed 27-Apr-16 20:17:32

X post with Freezingwinter
Now considering buying one!

Shootingstar2289 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:18:24

Thank you Freezing water. Have been browsing online for prices

I did wonder that HaveYouMetTed. She can be a bit of a fidget too. She stays at one end of the cot though.

TakesTwoToTango Wed 27-Apr-16 20:19:46

I'm the same as freezingwinter. We've used our until 2yrs with each dc. Almost certainly totally unnecessary but gives me peace of mind which is worth it's weight in gold!

dementedpixie Wed 27-Apr-16 20:20:28

There is no evidence to show they help prevent sids so I wouldn't buy one at this age

Freezingwinter Wed 27-Apr-16 20:21:11

The pad is super sensitive. Even though he doesn't sleel directly on the pad, it still detects movement. Honestly, it is fab. And he's in a cot bed with a LOT of room.

ohidoliketobe Wed 27-Apr-16 20:23:06

Please don't take this the wrong way, and absolutely fair enough if the answer is yes, but would you actually know what to do if the alarm went off (I. E. CPR/ resuss)? I know of so many people who have them but don't know any first aid.

SilverHoney Wed 27-Apr-16 20:23:26

I have one, but only really used it up until 6 months. My daughter and so many of my friends babies of a similar age to yours are front sleepers, I really do think it's normal.

They so mobile and pretty strong. Arn't baby mattress designed to be breathable in case they do go face down?

If you've made it to 9 months without one, I would say no, don't buy one.

Kelandry Wed 27-Apr-16 20:27:25

Yes. For me, knowing she was still IN her cot as well as alive meant I could relax. I suffer anxiety and convinced myself she would be stolen.

BushyTailedPony Wed 27-Apr-16 20:29:45

I'd say not to bother. I had one with dd1 and used for first few months but then it went off a few times as false alarm and I stopped using it. Never bothered with pad thing with dd2 at all. And she generally always sleeps on her front but at that age they can tend to roll around. I also found the monitor sound really crap and hissy compared to the Motorola or bt monitors I've had since and its rechargeable roving handset batteries gave up so it had to be plugged in all the time. Not a good buy I didn't think.

Shootingstar2289 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:29:54

Yes I would ohidoliketobe. Recently completely an infant and child first aid course.

She had always slept on her back and never felt worried but seeing her face down scared the crap out of me confused

BushyTailedPony Wed 27-Apr-16 20:30:29

Sorry for terrible grammar. I should really read before posting...

Shootingstar2289 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:31:08

completed not completely. Cannot type properly daughter in my arms having cuddles smile

Freezingwinter Wed 27-Apr-16 20:31:12

Based on how much peace of mind it's given me I'd get one. It alarms after 5 and 10 seconds.

Shootingstar2289 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:32:34

Thanks for the advice. I am a anxious person but don't want to buy if it won't work properly but well worth the money if it does.

Shootingstar2289 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:33:04

bad grammar here too grin

DixieNormas Wed 27-Apr-16 20:33:15

I had one for ds4, we only stopped using it recently when he turned 3 and moved our of the cot.

It alarmed occasionally and we had to fiddle with the sensor but it only happens a handful of times in 3 years

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