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have you found it difficult getting baby out of your bed??

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mrsmoomoopoopoo Tue 26-Apr-16 20:05:16

Dd is 6 months old.
Up until a month ago she was a good sleeper. Would feed/ rock to sleep and then transfer her to her crib next to our bed. Would go down pretty easy with not much fuss.
Now she will not go down, wakes instantly or if she does go down she wakes hourly.
I was so tired that I had to bring her into our bed so I could sleep.
Over the past 2 weeks DH and I have been trying to get her to fall asleep on her own in her cot. It hasn't worked so we have decided to have a break from it and will try at the end of May wen she's 7 months. I personally think she is too young yet. We've tried cc and sitting next to cot whilst she goes to sleep but neither has worked.

Anyway, as the title says, will it be hard?
Everyone I've told about dd sleeping in our bed has been like omg that's so bad and you'll never get her out!!

Would be interested in hearing others experiences.


Artandco Tue 26-Apr-16 20:13:20

Well, depends on how you want to do it

Out example, both children co slept from birth, we never tried to get them out. Around 2.5 years both of them gradually began sleeping on a cotbed mattress on our floor occasionally, increasing more as they liked. Eventually they slept more on the own that with us. Ds2 is the youngest and now just turned 5. He comes in our bed maybe once every 2 weeks now but only from say 3-4am for a few hours.

So basically they gradually just chose themselves to sleep alone. From around 1 years they would fall asleep in our bed, we moved onto matress when we went to bed and they would appear back in bed when they woke

mrsmoomoopoopoo Tue 26-Apr-16 20:21:03

I don't want to wait that long art.
Im going to try get dd out of our bed next month so she'll be 7 months.

Mumandmummer Tue 26-Apr-16 20:23:53

Have you tried putting something that you've worn in her cot so it smells of you?

Mumandmummer Tue 26-Apr-16 20:24:15

I was sceptical but that worked really well for us. I was worried we'd never get her out of our bed!

mrsmoomoopoopoo Tue 26-Apr-16 20:28:07

Yes I've tried that mum.
It's trying to put her in her crib without waking her that's hard. She's getting big now so heavier. She just seems to be going though a phase of finding it difficult to settle and really needs me to cuddle her .

Zaurak Tue 26-Apr-16 20:40:27

Following ... Ours is the same. Was fine going down awake in the cot until six months. Now only sleeps if welded to me )although will sleep in the pram do he can do it!) he wakes every twenty minutes and it's killing me. We co sleep now because the alternative is literally no sleep for me plus my back is giving out lifting him into the cot.

Controlled crying, shush patting hasn't worked. Gradual retreat sounds good but how do we even start if he won't sleep at all?

It's shit, op. flowers I feel your pain.

maskapony Tue 26-Apr-16 21:43:48

OP I could have written your post! DD has never been a brilliant sleeper but until a few weeks ago she would easily feed to sleep, transfer to cot and sleep 3 or 4 hour stretches. Now it's a fight to get her into the cot at all followed by hourly wakings until sometime around midnight when I give up and bring her into bed. I'm planning on giving it another few weeks to see if it's a phase, then re-assess.

mrsmoomoopoopoo Wed 27-Apr-16 08:04:50

Zaurak how long has he been like this? If it's just a phase I'd wait until it passes and then try gradual retreat.

mrsmoomoopoopoo Wed 27-Apr-16 08:05:29

Mask how old is dd?

mrsmoomoopoopoo Wed 27-Apr-16 08:05:37

Mask how old is dd?

dinodiva Wed 27-Apr-16 21:11:35

My DD coslept at around the same age. She always started the night in her cot, but generally ended up in bed with me before midnight. My philosophy was that at some point she'd go for longer stretches in her cot. She did - but we did so some sleep training which coincided with her learning to roll and she's slept on her front and can generally self settle that way too.

I had a love/hate relationship with cosleeping. When DD was nicely asleep it was lovely, and seeing her little face first thing was wonderful. However, when she was whinging at me every hour I wanted to throw her out of the window, and I found it hard not having any personal space.

There's so much development going on at the 6 month mark - just do what you need to and don't worry too much about what happens week/month.

CodyKing Wed 27-Apr-16 21:14:46

The trick is to transfer quickly - rather than inch by inch - so she doesn't suddenly wake - there's a knack!!

Personally if everyone gets some sleep I'm happy!

maskapony Wed 27-Apr-16 21:31:08

mrs she's nearly 6.5 months. She's desperately trying to crawl at the moment and I think that's having an impact as when she wakes in her cot I often find her on all fours (she's been rolling both ways and sleeping on her front for a while now). Have you started weaning? I think that's playing a part too as she's very windy overnight. She's also in the process of dropping her third nap so it's all happening! I'm trying to go with the flow and keep reminding myself that a few weeks ago she wasn't this bad, so in a few weeks she might be lots better. In the meantime I'll do whatever means we both get the most sleep.

Wishing everybody good nights tonight!

LisaRinnasLips Wed 27-Apr-16 21:32:01

Is she teething at all as that makes them v upset usually and more clingy? When teething we would retreat to my bed and after the tooth sprouted they would happily go back to their cot and room

mrsmoomoopoopoo Wed 27-Apr-16 23:59:15

Yes mask i have started weaning. She's doing really well so far and seems to be eating a lot.

Lisa she's been teething for a while although last week or so she has suddenly stopped drooling and trying to eat her hand xx

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