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Arrrrrgh, early waking <glare>

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BendydickCuminsnatch Tue 26-Apr-16 07:41:26

The baby is in my bad books. Has been waking waaaaay too early for the past month or 2. This morning it was 4:50 - I treated that as a night waking, of course, but he didn't go back to sleep and I got him out of the cot at 6. Going up for his first nap of the day now at 7:30 (probably asleep by 8).

He takes 2 really good naps in the day, so I'm going to try waking him after an hour each time today, which goes against my instincts. He is ALWAYS tired when he is awake. Sleeps on average 6:30pm to 5:30am (no wakeups or feeds).

Any other tactics anyone can offer? He is 11mo (as of yesterday! smile) and cutting molars but the early wakings predate that. He has started taking a few steps unaided this week, so don't know if that's anything to do with it. Whatever the reason for them, I am not up for these early mornings.

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