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9 month old wakes soon as put down!

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BexDarlington Tue 26-Apr-16 07:31:57


DS has never been the best sleeper but we managed and gradually got him into a routine bed at 7.30pm, settle back off at 1 then bottle at 4, up at 6.

However all of our lovely routine has gone down the toilet this week sad. DS had a bad cold and an upset stomach earlier this week, he is well again now but he just will not sleep in his cot. Coming to the point where he is snoring in my arms and soon as his little bottom touches the cot.. BAM he's awake! It's coming to the point he won't even sleep in our bed (never usually happens but I was afraid I may become a zombie if I go any less sleep). I've had a hunt online and a lot of people have spoken about 9 month sleep regression?
I'm considering sleep training but DS is also cutting his top front teeth? I've looked into No Tears method but any advise would be much appreciated!!
P.s I don't want to try "CIO" or controlled crying.
& we do always try to put DS down drowsy but awake but he just become hysterical.

mssmithsonian Mon 02-May-16 12:04:01

I've tried a couple of things on my 4 month old recently that help a bit as was the same!
Either leaving my hands under baby as I put him in the cot and only taking them away when he settles. Or picking him up each time he whimpers, then putting him down again when he's asleep again. Then repeat if he wakes up again. Takes a few goes, but can work.
I've also heard of warming the cot a bit so is less cold, and putting something in there that smells like you... Good luck!

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