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Needs to drop a nap but falls asleep in pushchair.

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sharond101 Mon 25-Apr-16 20:36:14

Dd is 1 in two weeks and is showing signs she only needs one nap. She is resisting the afternoon nap although always manages to fall asleep eventually, waking early, and not falling asleep easily at night time. Problem is we walk to and from nursery and so she is in the pushchair and almost instantly (8.45am!) falls asleep. She can sleep for any length of time, 20mins to 2 hours. What do I do?

Nan0second Tue 26-Apr-16 08:31:53

Decide which Nap you want to keep and wake her from the other! 20mins tops in the morning should mean that she will have an afternoon nap ok? Limit the time of this so get her up when you feel that it will affect bedtime if it goes later. (For us that's half 4 but many people find its earlier)

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