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Gina mums, where can I find a brief "How To" guide for a friend?

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WideWebWitch Thu 16-May-02 12:53:06

Hope you can help. I have a friend with a dd who is just two. My friend is desperate to get some sleep since dd doesn't go to sleep til 9 or 10pm, regularly wakes at midnight and then won't go back to sleep and throws incredible head banging/making herself sick strops when left (in the middle of the night). She has only recently stopped b/feeding but this problem was there way before that and has persisted.

I just had a quick look but couldn't see any thread that summarised GF on sleeping at this age. Friend has just told me that she will try *anything* to get some sleep and did I know anything about GF? I said no, but I might know some people who do Or is GF only for younger babies? Any suggestions for a feisty 2 year old? Friend was a bit of a softy on sleeping but is so desperate that she's just told me she's prepared to be hard as nails to get some sleep.

Has this been summarised somewhere so that I can print it off for her? Or is the only option to buy her the book? Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

JulieF Thu 16-May-02 14:08:06

Gina's original book stops at 12 months old and her 2nd book continues on from there but it does assume in depth knowledge of the first book. Personally I think that without knowing the specific paerson and their specific problems it is very hard to generalise. I would therefore advise buying the books, as sleeping is part of an overall picture and philospohies.

Marina Thu 16-May-02 14:14:50

There is a book by Dr Richard Ferber called Solve your Child's Sleep Problems that is a bit less gung-ho in its approach than, say, Christopher Green, on toddler sleep issues.
Here's the link to this book on Amazon:

Enid Thu 16-May-02 14:19:59

I would think Richard Ferber might be more appropriate for a 2 year old... GF recommends him too!

bee Thu 16-May-02 14:27:39

Richard Ferber changed my life, and I finally started to enjoy my children without the constant exhaustion that always somehow took the shine off everything. Would highly recommend it.

bloss Fri 17-May-02 03:44:02

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Fri 17-May-02 11:17:01

Thanks everyone, I've told my friend that people seem to think Richard Ferber is good on the subject. She tells me she's just read his book cover to cover and has decided to wait until the weekend when her older child can go to his granny and then she's going to do it and put up with the screaming.

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