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How does this work?

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Shallowstreams Mon 25-Apr-16 15:24:40

My daughter is 10m old and naps at 9 and 2pm roughly. Her morning nap is her longest and often an hour and half. Her afternoon one around an hour. She is due to start nursery in a couple of months and they have said their nap time is after lunch around 12:15 and then they can have a morning nap if they want.

How will this work? There's no way she can do only one nap or hold out till 12:15 but if she has a nap at 9 then there's no way she'll go back for another so early.

Should I start only letting her have half hour in the morning in preparation? Although even if I do this there won't be long enough between this and the afternoon one as she needs around 3-3.5 hours awake time.

Really confused! Any tips?

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